Alex Jones and Good Masons

This video reveals the deeper conspiracy for those who have understanding. If people would read and study their Authorized King James Bible, and carefully read the Illuminati Plan called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion they will have a deeper understanding of the conspiracy of the Antichrist to take over the world. The Protocols reveals that there are different factions within the Conspiracy. Most Masons are not behind the New World Order, they are a Gentile moral social club, which is a cover for the Satanic Ashkenazi Jewish NWO conspiracy of the Knights Templars of the bloodlines of the Nephilim and European Royal Illuminati lineages.

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Oct 16, 2015 - Uploaded by The Alex Jones Channel
Alex Jones finally admits to a caller and the world what his lineage is in Masonry.

These people like Alex Jones and George Washington and others of the founders of America are Deists, they believe in the New Age Religious Movement of Theistic Evolution that if the People Unify under a general moral code they can bring in a better world and establish peace and happiness. Notice that God or the Bible is never mentioned by Jones, especially Jesus. They do not mention that the NWO is in support of Antichrist.

Jones says George Washington was a good Mason and Francis Drake. How about Walt Disney, Roy Rogers, and John Wayne, they were Masons. Then why did Francis Drake predict that America would cease to exist, along with Teddy Roosevelt, and both gave a date which fell on World War I. And why did George Washington place pagan gods all over the ceiling of the Capitol Dome, and brought an ancient obelisk, a Pagan Egyptian idol or the sun god Baal 666, to Washington?

Even Gabriel Green New Age UFO contactee founder of Flying Saucer Clubs of America told my wife that the aliens would interfere in the evil take over by the evil Illuminati. This is to fool the public and lull us to sleep.

These good Masons plan to take over the world and bring in the Kingdom of god, and take it away from the evil elite Illuminati all by themselves without Jesus return. This is the occult New Age Theistic Evolution invasion. Alex Jones himself said he and his group want to bring back Atlantis! Atlantis was the PreFlood world Empire God destroyed in the Flood, which Ham through his grandson Nimrod, a Nephilim, tried to recreate at Babel (Babylon) after the Flood. See my books and Facebook at Auldaney or Biblical Science News.


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