Plate Tectonics and Noah's Flood

Many excellent articles in Acts and Facts May 2016. I do not get this magazine or Days of Praise anymore thanks to Henry Morris IV’s spite (Henry Morris’ grandson)because he did not like my using ICR material in my books, but I do get a copy from a friend.

Embracing Catastrophic Plate Tectonics by Tim Clarey was great. In my book I discuss catastrophic plate tectonics triggered by an asteroid shower releasing the fountains of the deep at the time of the Flood. However, all aspects of this event are not understood, and so far even creation scientists do not understand that the paleontological, geological, and biblical evidence indicates that plate subduction and the formation of mountain ranges and separation of the continents did not happen during the Flood, or right after the Flood. Henry Morris believed this and I have quoted him in the introduction of my books. There was a period of time after the Flood between about 2347 BC and this major  worldwide orogeny event at about 1990 BC. Claimed to be about 8,000 BC (10 thousand years ago Atlantis etc.) by occult researchers and secular geologists. This major event was once again triggered by a shower of asteroids I discovered while researching for my book. I was reluctant to suggest this asteroid theory, but found lots of evidence of a Post-Flood major cataclysm, but could not find what all it consisted of or what triggered it. There was evidence that a major worldwide cataclysm occurred containing no dinosaurs, but did consist of large amounts of Cenozoic mammals many of which are extinct today.

I puzzled over this since I was 12 years old reading secular dinosaur books. Where are the large mammals in the Mesozoic, and where are the dinosaurs in the Cenozoic?

Before I researched for my book, I believed that the Flood boundary was in the Middle Pliocene, and that Late Pliocene Pleistocene was Post Flood. Some ignorant creationist went around claiming the Pleistocene mammals like Mammoths were frozen in Alaska and Siberia during the Flood. Before he spread this false information, I met him at Carrows Restaurant in Riverside and tried to explain to him that I had proven this theory to be wrong, but he ignored me and spread his false information to all the creation groups in California and published a paper of his nonscience in Creation Research Society Quarterly. However,  later John Morris wrote an article on the Tar Pits in support of my conclusions in Acts and Facts.

When I published that paper at the Creationism Conference in Pittsburgh I believed that the Paleocene, Oligocene, Miocene, and part of the Pliocene were sorted Flood deposits along with the Mesozoic dinosaurs. Researching for my book I found this was wrong also, which I was beginning to suspect from my observations when I was in Texas at the dig at the Paluxy River when I discovered pieces of the Chicxulub asteroid. Resaerching for my book, I discovered mounting evidence that the Flood boundary was near the KT boundary of the end of the Mesozoic dinosaur strata marked by the Chicxulub asteroid impact rare elements.

Doing research for my book published 2015, this Post-Flood event that occurred at the time of Peleg, coincided with the Clovis Culture, Pleistocene fossil sites, slightly post Tower of Babel, Younger Dryas, Carolina Bay impact craters, and start of the ice age when the arctic areas became covered with ice, and the poles became covered with ice for the first time, mountains were formed, and volcanoes erupted again. This warm period between the Flood and the Post Flood subduction cataclysmic evidence has not been explained by creation or most secular scientists. Some lesser known creation scientists have suggested causes of this as explained in my book Part 1.

I have noted that there are two different kinds of volcanic ash associated with these two catastrophic events. Tim Clarey says on page 11 in his article that, “…distinctive magmas generated by the partial melt of subducted ocean lithosphere provide the perfect recipe for explosive, ash rich eruptions. These types of volcanoes (stratovolcanoes) are highest in silica, making them thicker and more explosive. The net result of hotter oceans and tremendous silica-rich volcanic activity brought on from plate motion would be enough to start a widespread Ice Age.”

This statement above appears to be incorrect according to my observations. I mentioned this many years ago in a letter to the editor published in the Creation Research Society’s Quarterly commenting on Michael Oard’s comments to the editor. I discussed the fact that during the Flood dinosaur bone beds like the Morrison were rainbow colored because they were made of mostly explosive pulverized rhyolite lava ash falls. While the Post-Flood volcanic ash tends to be mostly basaltic grey containing iron. In my book published in 2015 I mention further research on this showing rhyolite ash eruptions are very rare today. The Post-Flood subduction event in California produced inland basaltic volcanic lava flows in the Mojave desert.

My explanation is the volcanic eruptions during the Flood were closer to the surface and contained more water from the subterranean mineralized reservoirs. And the Post-Flood eruptions were produced by deeper eruptions of heavier iron filled lava from deep in the earth and this took some time before they erupted as a result of fault cracks formed during the Flood breaking through into depths of the earth, and being struck again by large asteroids. I believe basaltic lava is rare in the Mesozoic, and I do not remember hearing or seeing basaltic volcanic ash found in the (Mesozoic) Flood deposits, only floods of lava flows in rift valleys. Also most of these lava floods are Post-Flood.

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