Should Christians have Knowledge of the Occult?

I remember Steven J. Gould speaking at Cal State Los Angeles. As an atheist who considers the occult UFOs etc, he mentioned, "Of course none of you would read UFO books." I mumbled to myself, "I would, that is why I know more than you." When I first got interested in science I read a lot of secular books on atoms, astronomy, dinosaurs, physics, meteorites, etc. then I became interested in unexplained mysteries (Frank Edwards), which included UFOs. When I was 8 my mother and I saw a UFO, so years later I read a lot of UFO books. I knew they were real, and I found they proved to be Satanic just as my mother believed. I also read books on hypnosis, and paranormal things researched at Duke University. I read about Uri Geller and knew he received powers from Satan in the form of an Eagle i.e. Phoenix representing the offspring of the Antichrist of Babel Nimrod. My brother John who died at 90 last week, said he believed UFOs were natural phenomenon. I told him that their messages were the same as Satan and his Demons. To me this is like being an atheist when it comes to the occult. Claiming natural phenomenon are responsible for Satanic supernatural events that prove to be real. John was visiting his/my sister Dara when Wonder Woman was on TV, and Dara said that she was the Goddess Isis symbolized by the Pentagram, as well as her actions and description. Ancient Pagan gods are presented as Superheroes to our children with occult powers. John realized that she was right. John believed that the ancient occult mysteries should not be studied by a Christian that this will bring them back. I disagreed, we cannot recognize or understand the enemy unless we study it. How can we warn others when we are ignorant. For example creation scientists have to know evolution as well as creation. That is what I do. And this knowledge is found in my books. and at Amazon Books.


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