Pray For Us

Pray for me, my back has been hurting a little for many years. But after my 70th birthday my right leg started to hurt and makes it hard to walk. I have been a gardener since 1973. And have been in pain, so I mow, edge, trim bushes, and weed in short intervals and sit down or lay down on the lawn till the pain subsides. Then about three weeks ago it switched to my left leg and got worse. I have not been able to work for 3 weeks.
We have many expenses and I cannot meet expenses if I can’t work.
My wife has been in pain for decades with fibromyalgia, recently her legs are hurting more and she cannot walk more than twenty feet. She has incontinence and has to wear diapers and sometimes cannot reach the bathroom.
So far she has broken both hips, a tibia plateau. Then she tumbled and fractured her left leg and was in the rehab for 2.5 months. Part of our income comes from my pay for being her Care Giver. This is the second time I have lost this pay.
Our cat has had a sore in the bottom of her mouth which has gotten worse. She salivates and bleeds. She has had a hard time eating, but continues to survive.
Our water heater stopped working, the air conditioners are old and go off when it gets to be 90s outside. We have a new AC but it only keeps the temperature down about 6 degrees below outside temperature. The television DirecTV would not work, repair has got it working but lost all our recordings.
My books sold 6 books 3 months ago, 1 book next month, 1 book next month, and none last month. I make only $5 for one book.
We had an accident and had to buy a used vehicle from a dealer. We went to the chiropractor, then I got a flat tire and found the spare was old and cracked, and three of the posts broke because they had been put on too tight by the dealer.
I plan to hire a worker to do my jobs, while I supervise. This will cut my income but I will save my jobs till the doctors and chiropractor can stop the pain and hopefully correct the cause.

We are praying all the time. But I am scared, bored, worried and all three of us are misrable. I am discouraged. Please pray for us and my ministry.


  1. Very sorry to hear about all your pain and trouble Jeremy. If your income was equal to your bravery, you'd be a millionaire. Chiropractic has alleviated similar problems for me. The Lord bless you.

  2. Thank you Joe. I realized Wild Thing, our cat, was very ill on May 21, when she stopped eating normally and she died July 18. The right side of her face was a little red and her eye dissolved. She only nibbled a little of some soft food and drank a lot of water during those two months. Then she did not eat anything for three days. I tried everything I knew, and paid the vet $1000.00 I think it was cancer that she had for the last two years, because she produced a rasping sound when she ate, which didn't sound right.


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