Billy the Kid's Faith

In articles I have said that Billy the Kid was not killed by his friend Pat Garrett. Years later Brushy (Billy) Bill asked for a pardon and was turned down by the Governor.
Billy was fighting and getting revenge on white collar criminals who were taking over the county, along with a crooked sheriff William Brady. Billy’s friend was murdered by them. This was the Lincoln County War. He worked with an outlaw gang and was falsely accused of killing someone. I believe it was the crooked sheriff.

Billy was an agnostic. He and another man were in a house surrounded by gunmen. Billy’s friend had faith in God, but Billy told him he trusted in his guns. In a shootout in this house surrounded by a gang of killers, his friend went out unarmed to face them holding a Bible, and was gunned down. Billy ran out shooting and jumped on a horse and escaped. Who was right? Selah!

They were both right. In this world you have to use physical methods, but using spiritual knowledge is also important. We need to use both. Miracles are used only when there is no other way. In Jesus day he performed miracles creating something from nothing physical. Today God uses physical things to create miracles from something that already exists. This is why it is hard to believe in miracles, because you can explain them away as coincidences. It takes faith to believe in them. If miracles were obvious then we would not need faith. God wants us to trust in Him and not on physical things. All things work together for good to those who trust in Him. When Peter walked on the water, he took his eyes off of Jesus and turned his attention to the roaring waves.
Also, God does not perform miracles for things that can be done using physical things. Prayer does not always change things, there must be a spiritual purpose. Many churches today have the Prosperity Gospel, if you have true faith in God he will heal you and make you financially successful. They claim God must do what you order, like a genie in a lamp fulfilling wishes. These churches get rich fooling gullible believers.
Billy the Kid, whose real name was Henry McCarty and used the alias William H. Bonney Jr., was in jail at the time for having killed then-Sheriff William Brady.

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I believe that Brushy Bill was Billy the Kid. He wanted a pardon, but the state government did not want to reopen the case.
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Tommy Wright Highlighted reply
I too believe Brushy Bill Robert's is most likely Billy the Kid. FORGET young guns II version. Probate Lawyer William V. Morrison first gets contacted by Jesse Evans (who lived in Florida)
about Evans's Brothers Missouri Probate. I myself was a tax lawyer and tracked down the Missouri and Florida Probate of Evan Brother then Jesse Evans himself in Florida. Jesse Evans is the one who in 1948 first claimed Bill Robert's was Bill the Kid. Jesse Evans claimed to Probate Lawyer William V. Morrison that Billy the Kid was living. Considering Jesse Evans disappeared in 1882, never to be hear from again until 1948, and Jesse Evans reason for that disappearing act in 1882 to Probate Lawyer William V. Morrison was directly because Jesse feared Billy the Kid would track him down and kill him. Jesse Evans 1948 story about Billy looks pretty real to me. I've seen the 1948 pictures of Jesse Evans in Florida, and no question it is Jesse Evans. Makes sense to me Jesse while in hiding between 1882-1948 would have kept track of the one person who wanted Jesse Evans dead, which was Billy the Kid.

Freemasons were common in the United States in the 19th century, so a fair number of Old West figures were members. Among them: Buffalo Bill Cody, Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett (promoted by Disney a Mason), Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie, Jessie James, Pat Garrett, and Sam Houston (commander at the Alamo). Texas Ranger legends Jim Gillett, John B. Jones and Jack Hays were freemasons. Some say Billy the Kid was a Mason, but that’s not proven. The Montana Vigilantes, along with one of their victims, Sheriff Henry Plummer, were reportedly members of the same lodge. Even Western stars Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne were masons.


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