Suspicious Activity by Trump Administration

I did not like Trump at first, however, Hillary/Obama are Illuminati agents of Satan's New World Order. But when I saw the anger from the Liberal Conspiracy I supported Trump. And have found he is doing a great job. But lately I have heard from The New American Magazine and the Judicial Watche's Verdict magazine that the Trump Administration is hiding their finances I have become suspecious.
Trump has selected a few Council on Foreign Relations members. This is the public relations orginzation which has been controlling our media, corporations, and government to support the New World Order.

Weeks after the election Trump's administration abolished a rule requiring federal agencies to report conference spending, a breakdown of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) multi-million-dollar conference tab illustrates the need to keep the measure in place. The mammoth agency created after 9/11 supposedly to prevent another terrorist attack fails miserably to protect the southern border, to bust dangerous visa overstays, and to remove criminal illegal aliens — but it knows how to throw a party for employees and “stakeholders.” It also knows how to hide a chunk of the tab from taxpayers and the Trump administration is facilitating the process, laughably enough, asserting that agencies have tight internal controls. The Department of Homeland Security was already planned and the sanme day of the 9/11 attack they used it as an excuse to implent it to take freedoms from the American people using Homelan Security to undermine the Constitution.  


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