Media Slander Against Trump's G-20 Stand

Praise the Lord for Donald Trump!! The Liberal Conspiracy by the New World Order Communists is angry against Trump because of his brave stand against the coming Antichrist led by the world leaders under the Communist founded and led United Nations.
The Illuminati controlled media controlled by their CFRs is lying, blaming Anti-Globalization as the cause of the rioting outside the summit. THIS IS A LIE. Right wing Patriots and Christians do not riot! The Liberal Conspiracy causes and pays for all of these riots led by Satan. 

Here is the Internationalists slander:

At the G-20 summit of all the world’s would be Hitlers, Trump refused to bow to them and wore an American pin instead of their satanic Globalist pin the forerunner of the Mark of the Beast.
The Globalists want to bring back the Tower of Babel, in rebellion against God.

All the evil scum in the world has risen up and is slandering America’s freedom and its brave hero Trump. Rothschild’s George Soros is at it again funding the burning of cars, looting and rioting at the G-20 summit. Pressure from above and the pressure from below. 


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