The Olympics Celebration of Satanism

They are bringing back the Olympic Games to Los Angeles in 2028. The L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said that we will follow the SUN to L.A.
Do you know that the Olympic Games were based on Pagan Religious Festivals, like Beltane, where the best athletes represented the best people, which were sacrificed to the gods of Mt Olympus. And the main god was the SUN & fire god Baal also known as Lucifer 666.

What is Eric Garcetti? He is part of the Illuminati's Liberal Conspiracy he is rallying Democrats against Trump. 

The History of the Olympic Games

According to historical records, the Olympics games date back to 776 BC. Dedicated to the Olympian gods, the Olympics were held on the ancient plains of Olympia. Spanning for nearly 12 centuries, the Olympic games came to a quick halt when Emperor Theodosius banned such pagan cults in 393 A.D.
 lot has changed since the end of the Roman Empire, but one thing remains the same. If you want to be an Olympic gold medalist, you need to possess a lot of talent.
The games were restarted by a French aristocrat which means he was a Merovingian of the bloodline of the Nephilim the French Royal family part of the Illuminati behind the Illuminati French Revolution which brought the Satanic bloodline back to the throne to carry on their plan to rebuild the wold government of Nimrod at Babel in about 1800 BC and create a Marxist World Government called the New World Order/New Age Religion.

The modern founder iof the Olympic Games was Pierre de Coubertin (French: [pjɛʁ də kubɛʁtɛ̃]; 1 January 1863 – 2 September 1937, born Pierre de Frédy, also known as Baron de Coubertin) was a French educator and historian, and founder of the International Olympic Committee. He is considered the father of the modern Olympic Games. Born into a French aristocratic family, he became an academic and studied a broad range of topics, most notably education and history, which the Illuminati use today to brainwash our children as Common Core, etc. by the (Communist) National Education Association.

Who was Emperor Theodosius?
Wikipedia states: Theodosius I (Latin: Flavius Theodosius Augustus;[1] 11 January 347 – 17 January 395), also known as Theodosius the Great, was Roman Emperor from AD 379 to AD 395. Theodosius was the last emperor to rule over both the eastern and the western halves of the Roman Empire. On accepting his elevation, he campaigned against Goths and other Pagans (bloodlines of the Nephilim) who had invaded the empire. He failed to kill, expel, or entirely subjugate them, and after the Gothic War, they established a homeland south of
the Danube, in Illyricum, within the empire's borders. 
He fought two destructive civil wars, in which he defeated the usurpers Magnus Maximus and Eugenius at great cost to the power of the empire. These Pagans were of the Royal Illuminati Nephilim bloodlines from Babel descendants of Noah's son Ham.
The Greeks started the Olympic Games as with sex and an orgy. Below is an ancient artifact from Greece.

Theodosius also issued decrees that effectively made Orthodox Nicene Christianity the official state church of the Roman Empire.[2][3] He neither prevented nor punished the destruction of prominent Hellenistic (Helen another name for the goddess wife of Nimrod of Babel) temples of classical antiquity, including the Temple of Apollo in Delphi (Sun god Satan) and the Serapeum in Alexandria (This is where the Gnostics created the false versions of the Bible on which modern translations are copied and the Roman Church made a saint out of their goddess disguised as Mother Mary). He dissolved the order of the Vestal Virgins in Rome (today they are nuns. Simon the Sorcerer founded this Roman Church which Paganized Christianity). In 393, he banned the pagan rituals of the Olympics in Ancient Greece. After his death, Theodosius' young sons Arcadius and Honoriusinherited the east and west halves respectively, and the Roman Empire was never again re-united, though Eastern Roman emperors after Zeno would claim the united title after Julius Nepos' death in 480 AD. This division of Rome was prophesied as Daniel's Image where the waist divided into two legs. 
  1.  In Classical Latin, Theodosius' name would be inscribed as FLAVIVS THEODOSIVS AVGVSTVS.
  2. Jump up^ Cf. decree, infra.
  3. Jump up^ "Edict of Thessalonica": See Codex Theodosianus XVI.1.2

In ancient Egypt the SUN god was symbolized as a magic square a geometric code Gematria 666 symbolizing the hybrid bloodline of the Nephilim, taken from the code created by God in the Hebrew/Greek Bible. This geometry was used 

This ceremony involved pagan songs glorifying the New World Order and ended with Rule the World! 

The picture above shows the reptile/bird the Phoenix lowered at the games in Greece in 2012, where the first game was held, the bird represents the son of Nimrod Horus. This legend represents the bloodline of the Nephilim hybrids from Ninrod and Semiramus through the French Royal Merovingian family to the future Antrichrist.
 These circles represent different nations linked together to form the New World Order of Antichrist.
These Nephilim hybrids went on to design the architecture of ancient Megalithic stone structures worldwide, this is why their descendants call themselves FreeMasons i.e. builders.
Chariot races and gladiatorials were part of these celebrations to the Demon gods.
The Olympic torch represents the torch that lights the Baal fires on May 1 during May Day (MayDay word is used to warn of danger) As the 12-month Roman calendar based on the sun, was adopted for both civil and religious purposes, all of the Celtic (Ancient Pagans and Gnostics) days began to conform more closely with the liturgical year of the Roman Catholic church (Origin of the Jesuit False Prophet) and became identified with major religious festivals (The Bible never supported Holidays which came from Pagan religious days. God created Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur to symbolize prophesies. Mayday corresponds with the Irish festival of La Beltane, which officially heralded the beginning of the summer. Its name appears to derive from the Old Irish words Bel taine meaning ‘bright fire’ (i.e. Lucifer, and his followers the Illuminati) and it was surrounded by a large number of folk beliefs some of which had pagan origins. As the name of the festival suggests bonfires played an important part in the activities and were often lit on prominent local landmarks with the Hill of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath being the most famous example.
A particularly common tradition involved driving herds of cows between two bonfires in the belief that this would purify the herd and also bring luck.

This practices origin was where the Philistines and other Pagans sacrificed their children to Baal.  The Jews intermarried with them and did the same. This produced Nephilim bloodlins to contaminate Jewish/Gentile bloodlines called Ashkenazi. This was done to contaminate the pure bloodline of Jesus from Abraham Isaac, and Jacob. God has punished the Jews for this. Leviticus 18:21 (KJV) “And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD.”


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