Proof of Voter Fraud Conspiracy

VIDEO : VOTER FRAUD PROOF! 18 Million Invalid Registrations, 2 Million DEAD

The photo and line above comes from a video copied from Fox News posted on YouTube. This video has been  made unavailable by YouTube. 

Voter fraud has been around for as far back as history records. Recently it has dominated some of the national news. It has been blamed on Russia, but investigations have revealed it mainly comes from organized Liberal Democrat groups. Most cases are not discovered, but there have been 462 cases, and 742 convictions, where the judge ordered a new election. The courts have given most of those convicted suspended sentences, except for the worst voter crimes by government officials.
The worst of these crimes come from the Obama administration. While Obama insisted in his speeches that there was no voter fraud, just like when he lied when he said everyone could keep their health providers under ObamaCare, and the cost would not go up. There were 226 counties in 42 states had more voters than there were registered voters!
This fraud involved voting more than once, dead people voting, non-citizens and illegal aliens voting, and the changing of votes by election officials.
The rules managing the integrity of elections do not verify if a voter is legal, and many registered voters who move out of a state, or die are not removed from the registry and can be used for fraud. Like a stolen identity by corrupt workers who are part of the Liberal Conspiracy in support of the Marxist World Government of the future Antichrist from Europe.
Under the Obama Admiration all measures successfully enacted to stop this fraud were challenged by the Obama Justice Department, sometimes supported by the Liberal ACLU (They support cases for witches, oppose Christian expression, support everything that God condemns, and creation science. A few of these attacks were successful, most failed.

The Liberal media controlled by the Learned Elders of Zion through the Liberal (CFR) Council on Foreign Relations (Bilderbergs) of the Illuminati support the propaganda that any attempt to investigate or stop voter fraud would be discrimination against minorities and invasion of privacy.  They fought the attempt to make voters identify themselves as un-American. Many states backed down under the threat of this legal terrorism.


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