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I just got a report from California they say: . . . "my sister and I had a pterodactyl sighting back in 1992 or 1993.. we've told many people however, each time, we were laughed at. (This is how the Liberal Illuminati Conspiracy keeps things from the public, by evolutionary brainwashing) We'd love to share what we are 100% positive was a pterodactyl or something very similar to one.. it was seen in Anaheim, Ca.. at our home. . . . a wingspan almost as wide as our house.. leathery, tight skin, gray in color.. top of the head, was sharp and it had a long beak-like face.. hands attached to the wings where they bend.. it had feet.. and a long tail that ended as a diamond shape . . ."

I have tried to identify this flying reptile and it appears to be a new species of Ramphorinchus 

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The Bible refers to a flying called the firey flying serpent, creatures have been seen at night in Papua New Guinea that appear to be pterodactyles which give off a phospherous glow at night.

This is a reconstruction of the 

A few years ago about 2010 I reported  in my Facebook Biblical Science News that a couple living at our tralor park, and was visiting our club house in the tralor park I lived in at that time. They told me about a strange creature they saw in an eastern state. We were not discussing this subject of extinct animals. We were talking about animals, when they brought up this subject.
They said a large bat about the size of a crow, flew into their trailor and landed on the bed. They chased it outside. They said it had leathery wings, and a long tail. 
I didn't think anything about it till the next day, I suddenly realized it could not be a bat. They do not have long tails. I later told them that it had to be some kind of flying reptile.

Another report from the same reference:

There is another account of a living Pterosaur from April of 1890  reported in the Tombstone Epitaph.
This time the eyewitness were two men riding horses across the hot Arizona desert (just outside of Tombstone). They noticed a large flying reptile with a six foot wing span and long slender body. As it was about to land the men shot and killed the creature.

Another report:

"It was around 9 am on a Sunday morning in Oct. of 2005. I was in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I was coming to preach at a church out in the country (the same church I will soon be the church plant pastor of). This had been my first visit there to preach.
There were many times in the trip that I slowed down because I wasn't sure I was still on the correct road or didn't want to pass the church (i.e., blink and you miss it). At one of those times I happen to notice a creature in the sky. Having no one behind me I took a moment to slow the car down and take a look at it. To my estimation it appeared to have no feathers. It was a leathery grayish color. The beak seemed to protrude from its face not like a separate part of the head, but looking to be the same color, etc. It's wings did not look like bird wings, but also appeared leathery and bat-like (I have seen actual bats in caves and zoos). The kicker, for me, was the tail: longer than most bird tails I am used to, no feathers, and with a diamond-shaped point at the end.

Another report from history and most Native Americans have heard about it from their Shaman:

The Sioux Indians have long told the story of the huge "thunderbird". They gave it this nickname because this flying reptile was hit by lightning and fell from the sky during a thunderstorm.
They searched for this creature and when they found it they described it as having wings almost 20 foot across. It had a long sharp bill and a large bony knob-like protrusion on the back of its head. (They are describing a 
There are no birds that fit this description. The similarity between the "thunderbird" and the pteranodon is striking. Flying dinosaurs like the pteranodon have been found fossilized with a wingspan of 23 feet!
Pteranodon also have a large bony crest jotting off of the backs of their heads. Just as the Indians described.
I believe the creature the Indians saw was a pteranodon. A creature that many people believe have gone extinct long ago, as a result of lies from brainwashed paleontologists.
Hereis a Pteranodon:
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The Thunder bird is a reptile bird, another version of the Feathered Serpent or Phoenix symbolizing the Rise of Antichrist rising from the fires of Baal to become the Antichrist, a reincarnation of Nimrod of Babel.


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