Dancing Birds Support Dinosaur Evolution?

My published research at Tuba City Arizona on the putative human tracks found with dinosaur tracks I discovered similar impressions. And I discovered a hole dug by a reptile in the Permian Coconino sandstone near the Grand Canyon. So these marks are not as unusual as the article suggests.  
Intelligence and design is shown in animals. These complex dances by birds was not invented by birds.
Intelligence and design is shown in animals. Animals have never been seen to invent something new. They call this instinct. These complex dances by birds was not invented by birds, they have been programmed during their creation on day 5, Thursday, 6 thousand years ago. They call this instinct. See these amazing complex bird dances:

Here is a comment on this video by a brainwashed viewer. He admits some is speculation, without admitting it is all speculation based on the unproven assumption that evolution happened:

Gabikaze _
T rex are supposed to be an average of 12 ft to the hip, but that's only speculation based on the fossils we have found (they are taller and smaller skeletons with this height), and that's also not taking in fact that the t-rex could lift his head above his hips. So yeah, tyrannosaures could be taller than 12 ft. But I still think that a 12 ft killing machine waving its feathers frantically is a pretty terrifying idea.

Now imagine a 12 ft tyrannosaurus doing the same thing.

My comment: No one has found a feathered dinosaur. They have all been identified as terrestrial birds or spicules on dinosaurs which have never been proven to be feathers, or proto feathers as they are described, identified as the decomposition of collagen in cells.

The fossil tracks speculated to be dancing dinosaurs has been suggested by a paleontologist from odd track fossils. This speculation is based on the assumption that birds evolved from dinosaurs is a fact.
Evolutionists claim evolution happened as a fact of science because they have faith that only the physical universe exists, and there is nothing supernatural.  So they see similarities in different organisms, and claim this proves that evolution actually happened based on faith in man’s belief in materialism, in place of God’s Word. This is a religious faith, not science.
In an article in Popular Science they claim there is growing evidence that dinosaurs are like birds. However, there are many physical characteristics that are entirely different, and require design by intelligence.

The link below is typical propaganda by the New World Order Liberal Conspiracy. In their plan The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion they say, they use a theory they know is false to fool the world so they will not believe the Bible and the warning in Revelation about the future Marxist World Dictator.

One of the best-known ornithologists in the world, Alan Feduccia from the University of North Carolina, opposes the theory that birds are related to dinosaurs, despite the fact that he is an evolutionist himself. Feduccia has this to say regarding the thesis of reptile-bird evolution:
Well, I've studied bird skulls for 25 years and I don't see any similarities whatsoever. I just don't see it... The theropod origins of birds, in my opinion, will be the greatest embarrassment of paleontology of the 20th century.108
Larry Martin, a specialist on ancient birds from the University of Kansas, also opposes the theory that birds are descended from dinosaurs. Discussing the contradiction that evolution falls into on the subject, he states:

To tell you the truth, if I had to support the dinosaur origin of birds with those characters, I'd be embarrassed every time I had to get up and talk about it.109

Link to the article: http://www.darwinismrefuted.com/natural_history_2_02.htmlhttp://www.darwinismrefuted.com/natural_history_2_02.html


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