The Most Evil Man Today

So you oppose Trump? Then you are part of the Anti-Christian Satanic Conspiracy that supports the New World Order World Government and its Dictator the Antichrist.
George Soros has been identified as the most evil man in the world. He is an Ashkenazi Gentile/Jew like most of the Illuminati. Like Hitler who was an Ashkenazi Jew’s The Learned Elders of Zion, who hate the Torah. George Soros is funding most of the organizations behind anti-Conservative and Trump riots. George Soros worked for the Nazi’s in Hungary. His foundations have been banned in Russia in November 2015. He collected valuables from the Sephardic Jews who were killed in the death camps in Germany.

Crowley claimed to be the Beast 666, and claimed the title The Most Evil Man. Sorry, you have to move over Satanist Aleister Crowley.
 “Not My President! Not My President!” Day after day, in cities from coast to coast, the chanting mobs of rioters have illegally blocked streets and freeways, set fires, thrown Molotov cocktails, injured police officers, destroyed property, and defaced public buildings with graffiti. Portland, Oregon, a bastion of “progressive” Democrats, has been the epicenter of much of the violent action aimed at president-elect Donald Trump. Of course, as we have previously reported, not only did most of the Portland rioters who were arrested fail to register to vote, a large percentage of them appear to be professional, paid protesters.

Many of them, no doubt, were hired in response to the advertisements for paid anti-Trump protesters that appeared on Craigslist and other media in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, New York, and elsewhere. Many of these “spontaneous” protests/riots would not have occurred without organized efforts involving hundreds of busses transporting thousands of protesters/rioters, many of whom appear to have travelled across state lines. 
Many of the anti-Trump rioters, then, would appear not only to have violated state laws against rioting and inciting to riot, but also federal law against the same crime. Specifically, the rioters could be (and should be) charged under Title 18 U.S. Code § 2101, which provides penalties. 


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