Aaron Judkins rescue worker, paleontologist, and archaeologist searching caves near the Dead Sea.

My Comments on his posting on Facebook: The Dead Sea scrolls were placed there by a Jewish cult the Essenes, which were a lot like the Pharisees who denied Jesus. They believed in the Pagan belief that beings from Sirius are our gods, learned while Jews were in Egypt and Babylon. Many UFO cults have accepted this myth from the Essenes. The idea that the coming kingdom is always to be accompanied by a Messianic figure is not common for the false religion of Judaism in this period, which refuses to accept the New Testament. We hear of some groups, for example, who expect the coming change, a New World Order, but never mention a Messiah, or a Messianic figure at all, either as a deliverer figure, or as some sort of heavenly agent. So some forms of Judaism in this period don't ever talk about a Messiah. At Qumran, on the other hand, among the Dead Sea Scrolls, we hear not of just one Messiah, but at least two Messiahs. Some of their writings talk about a Messiah of David that is a kind of kingly figure who will come to lead the war. This will be the Antichrist who will be a descendant of David through Solomon of the serpent seed - Nephilim. Jesus was a descendant through Nathan. But there's also a Messiah of Aaron, a priestly figure, who will come to restore the Temple at Jerusalem to its proper purity and worship of god, this will be the False Prophet. Among these scrolls there were false books like the Book of Enoch which contradicts the Bible. See documentation in my book Part 2 at Amazon Books under Auldaney. https://www.amazon.com/Myster.../dp/1511630647/ref=sr_1_2...


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