'Christians' Promoting False Doctrines

Are these Christian symbols or Satanic meaning the UnHoly Spirit of Satan? The Charismatic Movement is led by Jesuits to infiltrate Protestant Churches to bring them under the False Prophet's Universal World Religion. I was told I should not criticize a fellow Christian. 
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Jeremy Auldaney on Facebook: Chuck Smith would say. When you find the church is teaching false doctrines just pray, or leave the church. But never tell anyone. This is a contradiction of what Jesus did and is against what the Bible teaches. We are to try and warn the people. Many ministers are working for the New World Order pretending to be Christians. Chuck believes all "Christians" should join together in fellowship like other agents of the False Prophet. Join with Mormons, Catholics, Judaism, Islam, etc. These religions are Satanic and will become the One World Religion under a Jesuit Pope THE False Prophet. 

I have become aware of Demonic teaching at several Calvary Chapels I have attended. Sorry Chuck but I believe in exposing false doctrine! Read this: 

California Church Disaffiliates With Calvary Chapel Over Heretical teaching.
Jul 9, 2014 - "It's not necessarily fair to judge the fruits of another based on “guilt by association.” But guilt by affiliation? Yes! We as Christians are to hold one ... It’s not necessarily fair to judge the fruits of another based on “guilt by association.” But guilt by affiliation? Yes! We as Christians are to hold one another to a high standard – and whom we hold hands with, partner with and lift up to our flock as praiseworthy folks to follow – that matters. So it comes as no surprise that a Calvary Chapel church would have alarm bells over the likes of Rick Warren (Jeremy: Proven Satanic Agent), Carl Lentz, The Shack author William P. Young and Catholic mystic Brother Lawrence." 

Also see: A True Church - Chuck Smith & Calvary Chapel
This man, Chuck Smith, and his church, Calvary Chapel, has had a broad influence upon the Christian world, but his teaching is poison. I. False Teaching

I did some research after posting this above, and found another researcher has come up with the same connections I did between the owl symbol of the Illuminati, Aleister Crowley's symbol, The Knights Templar's Baphomet, and Calvary Chapel's Dove Logo. By the way the Charismatic Movement is led by Jesuits infiltrating Protestant churches, and have found it is Satanic possession speaking in tongues similar to a seance, automatic writing, pendulum, or ouija board. Holy Rollers or Voodoo. The owl is also seen on the American one dollar bill with other Satanic occult symbolism.

Calvary Chapel's Logo--Occult Significance?


(Recommended background reading: Chapters OneEleven,ThirteenFourteen.)

In Chapter Thirteen of my book, I have previously discussed the incorporation of Crowley's satanic symbolism into the logos of many Charismatic churches throughout the land.

If you've read through Chapter Thirteen, there I relay the reports from Fritz Springmeier regarding Charismatic church circles having long been in the cross-hairs of the Antichrist occultist/globalists.

Aleister Crowley's satanic "Baphomet" logo

Trinity Broadcasting Network logo 

Calvary Chapel's logo (seen below) is almost certainly a modifiedadaptation of this same Crowley symbolism. I believe there may be added significance behind the alteration...which I will describe in a moment.

In fairness to Chuck Smith (the leading founder of this quasi-denomination) I have seen zero evidence of his intentional involvement in this. I always keep in mind, many folks innocently copycat occult symbolism, or 'approve' of the symbolism, not knowing its true significance. 

Calvary Chapel logo 

But take a closer look at the Calvary Chapel logo--is there some similarity to an owl perhaps? Owl symbolism is huge in elite occult circles. Not just among 'run-of-the-mill' satanists. No, this is one of the most important symbols of "ruling class" occultis


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