Did God Create Space Aliens?

Tony Breeden We aren't talking about evolved aliens, but rather created aliens, Jeremy Auldaney. If aliens do exist, people like you, saying things that the Bible does not say (for it is silent on the subject), will be a stumbling block to Christianity

My Answer: No, you are the stumbling block, just as the theistic evolutionists are, in support of Satan's Propaganda. They say following what the Bible says is a stumbling block if we believe God created the earth in 6 days, about 6 thousand years ago. No, this is only a stumbling block to those who refuse to believe God's Word. Believe me there ARE NO ALIENS IN SPACE ON OTHER PLANETS. This is a lie perpetrated by Satan's Agents. If God created aliens he would be helping Satan to fool man into Antichrist's lie (Atheistic Occult Ancient Astronaught Theory) that aliens planted us on this planet and they are gods who created us. The only created aliens are called angels. They do not live in a physical universe. God says he created the earth, and the universe to be for signs and seasons, and to show his mighty power. He created them to shine on the earth. If he did create aliens, he created them during creation week and he would have said so. He does imply that he created the angels during this week. He did not create the universe to be inhabited outside the Earth, Unless we are to inhabit them in the future. Even atheists admit earth is strangely unique. It is the False Teachings of the Pagan Roman Catholic Church, who will produce the future False Prophet that taches this and other Liberal False Teachers. This kind of false teaching opens the door to Satan's Lies that will be used by the Antichrist to claim he is related to them and in contact with them to fool ignorant men who refuse to believe the Bible. He will claim there are aliens on earth to cover his invasion by Fallen Angels, and their offspring the Nephilim, including UFOs.


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