Further Proof King James is only Reliable English Bible

What concerns me is that I tell the truth, and bring people back to His word, as it is best proclaimed by the best Bible version that God has brought into being – the 1611 King James Authorized Version.

Arch-enemies of the Lord and the Gospel, Westcott and Hort (and other agnostics, atheists, and Illuminati), have done great damage to individuals, denominations and training schools. You might think that all theologians are aware of the things I speak of. They are not! Just like unbelieving physical scientists, they do not arrive at their conclusions because they have researched for themselves. Rather, they follow the methods and ‘new’ Greek of Westcott and Hort, blindly and without question.

The same kind of professional blindness has entered the medical field, where doctors follow implicitly the advice and information put out about homosexuality by governments and homosexual groups. Doctors only quote from official 'scientific' and homosexual sources, and almost none critically analyze what they are told like I do, so the same deceptions are inadvertently repeated by them all. Most theologians and scientists do the same; they repeat the errors of well-known ‘experts’ (agents of the Illuminati) that brain washed them in university and seminary!

Individual Christians who have no idea about theology will usually follow what they are told and what they read from these theologians, who are themselves misled. They should listen when warnings are issued. If someone who is genuinely ignorant is given the facts, and does not listen or bother to check things out, then they are culpable. The Breareans studied to see if these things are so. Most just believe what they are told and it is hard to get them to think outside the box. They call you a heretic if you go against popular delusions.

I have just discovered there is further evidence that these versions twist scripture and that is the reason the age of the earth is different causing confusion and people to not trust God’s Word, so they will believe the lie. THAT THE EARTH IS ANCIENT.

From ancient times Christians have come up with the correct date for the earth, now it is uncertain. Why? Because of the False Satanic versions, which is why Protestants asked King James a Protestant to create an accurate Bible. Many Christians get angry when you support the KJT only, because Satan has blinded their minds.

Some think it was only Ussher that produced the date of the Creation at about 4004 BC.

Here is a list of those who calculated the age of the earth:
Chronologist When Calculated? Date B.C.
1* Julius Africanus c. 240 5501
2* George Syncellus c. 810 5492
3* John Jackson 1752 5426
4* Dr William Hales c. 1830 5411
5 Eusebius c. 330 5199
6 Marianus Scotus c. 1070 4192
7 L. Condomanus n/a 4141
8 Thomas Lydiat c. 1600 4103
9 M. Michael Maestlinus c. 1600 4079
10 J. Ricciolus n/a 4062
11 Jacob Salianus c. 1600 4053
12 H. Spondanus c. 1600 4051
13 Martin Anstey 1913 4042
14 W. Lange n/a 1980 4041
15 E. Reinholt n/a 4021
16 J. Cappellus c. 1600 4005
17 E. Greswell 1830 4004
18 E. Faulstich 1986 4001
19 D. Petavius c. 1627 3983
20 Frank Klassen 1975 3975
21 Becke n/a 3974
22 Krentzeim n/a 3971
23 W. Dolen 2003 3971
24 E. Reusnerus n/a 3970
25 J. Claverius n/a 3968
26 C. Longomontanus c. 1600 3966
27 P. Melanchthon c. 1550 3964
28 J. Haynlinus n/a 3963
29 A. Salmeron d. 1585 3958
30 J. Scaliger d. 1609 3949
31 M. Beroaldus c. 1575 3927
32 A. Helwigius c. 1630 3836

As you will note, the dates are not all 4004 B.C. There are several reasons chronologists have different dates, two primary reasons:

Some used the Septuagint or another early translation instead of the Hebrew Masoretic text. The Septuagint is a Greek (Pagan 'Christian' Gnostic) translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, done about 250 B.C. by about 70 Jewish (Judaism is a false religion who reject Jesus) scholars (hence it is often cited as the LXX, which is the Roman numeral for 70). It is good in most places, but appears to have a number of inaccuracies. For example, one relates to the Genesis chronologies where the LXX indicates that Methuselah would have lived past the Flood, without being on the ark! (Thou shalt not add to or subtract from my Word)

Several points in the biblical time-line are not straightforward to calculate. They require very careful study of more than one passage. These include exactly how much time the Israelites were in Egypt and what Terah’s age was when Abraham was born. (See Jones’s and Ussher’s books for a detailed discussion of these difficulties.)

The first four* in list above are calculated from the Septuagint, which gives ages for the patriarchs’ firstborn much higher than the Masoretic text or the Samarian Pentateuch (a version of the Old Testament from the Jews in Samaria just before Christ). The Samaritans were a pagan sect that grew out of the tribes of Manasseh. These same Jews descendants became the French Royal Merovingian lineage of the Learned Elders of Zion the Illuminati. The Samaritans, therefore represented all the worst of the Jews. The Septuagint adds in extra time. Though the Samarian and Masoretic texts are much closer, they still have a few differences. See table below.

Using data from table above (excluding the Septuagint calculations and including Jones and Ussher), the average date of the creation of the earth is 4045 B.C. This still yields an average of about 6,000 years for the age of the earth.

Septuagint, Masoretic, and Samarian Early Patriarchal Ages at the Birth of the Following Son

Name Masoretic - Samarian Pentateuch - Septuagint
Adam 130 130 230
Seth 105 105 205
Enosh 90 90 190
Cainan 70 70 170
Mahalaleel 65 65 165
Jared 162 62 162
Enoch 65 65 165
Methuselah 187 67 167
Lamech 182 53 188
Noah 500 500 500

Notice how the Masoretic is the most accurate, which was the foundation of the KJT. And the Septuagint is the most inaccurate, and foundation of the new versions. And the Samarian Pentateuch is partially innaccurate but agrees more with the Masoretic proving they are closer to the truth. The Bible says two or three witnesses confirm the truth.


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