My Discoveris of the Truth in Bible/Science

The purpose of my books and web sites, my life's work: My experience and research on history/science and the Bible has led me to hold these beliefs and my books Mysteries of History Revealed, are the result of my life's work to reveal the truth hidden behind lies and ignorance of the secular materialistic world: 

I BELIEVE in the King James Bible only or original Hebrew and Greek text, we are living the last days before Jesus return to earth, the Rapture before the Tribulation Judgement Period of 7 years followed by the Millennium, the Dispensational interpretation of God's dealings with man, the Bible is inspired and contains no errors if supported by two or three verses in context, the creation of the earth and the universe of space/time/matter was created during six 24 hour days about 6 thousand years ago, that every letter in the original text has a numeric code created by God, that the final days to Jesus return started when the Jews returned to their land in Israel in Pagan blindness in 1948, UFOs and other phenomenon are manifestations of Satan's Fallen Angel's and his Demon Spirits, the battle between Liberals and Conservatives or Republicans and Democrats is a spiritual battle led by the agents of Antichrist and his Demons, there were two world wide cataclysms the Flood of Noah and during the life of Peleg when the earth was divided about the time of the scattering from Babel, that these two cataclysms were triggered by massive showers of asteroid impacts, dinosaurs became extinct in the Flood as well as the Nephilim, dinosaurs survived the Flood on Noah's ark but became very rare afterward called dragons, the Nephilim were restarted after the Flood by Ham and his descendants, that Satan's Fallen Angels produced offspring called the Nephilim or Giants and that the descendants of these are with us today and are behind the New World Order of the Antichrist.


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