NWO Attacking the Symptoms but not the Cause

I have been discovering that many researchers and theologians in politics, creation science, Nephilim, the Bible, and truth in general are not telling the whole truth. They make it seem that Obama for example is just incompetent, Anti-Christian, or is Muslim, etc. And all we need to do is educate evolutionists, socialists, etc. with the facts of creation and prophecy we can enlighten them then WE will save the world so Jesus can come back, or bring in our own utopia without Him.

They are like Henry Morris IV object to my proving that what is going on the world is an ancient SATANIC CONSPIRACY!

They think they are clever and can save the world by educating people. NO we should be trying to save as many as possible before this world implodes under the Antichrist's Conspiracy and his rebuilding of Atlantis (PreFlood) and Babel (PostFlood). We need to teach people the truth so they will be prepared to go in the Rapture. The Bible warned we cannot save the whole world. God is giving them enough rope to hang themselves who reject the truth.

This includes the New American Magazine they imply we need to bring back our Republic founded on the Constitution. The Bible says this will never happen. Not that we shouldn't try, we must keep working until He comes to set things right. I feel we are buying time to reach more ignorant people. New America proves we have a problem but does not relate it to the coming Antichrist through the work of the Light Bearers of Lucifer the Illuminati preparing for the Antichrist's Kingdom.

I notice that many of you do the same. Always talking about the symptoms of the problem but never the CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM. People are cowards keeping the secret of the secret societies and their work, never mentioning Satan or the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Center for Science Education, the National Education Association, etc. We need to name names or we are protecting the CAUSE.


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