Open Minded Scientific Research

If you have ever witnessed to a person or discussed a subject you believe in, you will notice that they have been telling you what they believe with their positive viewpoint on life. Learned from some expert or theologian and their personal imagination. You will hear the same things with individual differences mostly New Age Doctrines of Demons. Most people believe that no one should try to tell another person what the truth is, that everyone is right in their own way. This is New Age Religion.  The Bible says everyone thinks they are right in their own eyes. They have a hidden belief that all beliefs or religions lead to heaven and it doesn’t matter what you believe, everyone will go to heaven or it will come out right in the end all by itself, we just need a positive attitude and love everyone. They believe in the Disney belief that all things are true, all you have to do is believe. When you say, only believe in Jesus for Salvation, and study the Authorized King James Bible and obey what it says, they disagree. They have their own beliefs and they want you to agree to disagree. You have your belief and they have theirs. But they try to dominate the conversation with their beliefs. When you disagree and feel that their beliefs are wrong and try to support your beliefs with proven evidence, they tell you that is your opinion. If you continue to disagree and say it is a fact from experience and observation. They counter that you have been listening to someone, implying what you believe is wrong if you remain adamant in your belief. They tell you all religions claim to be the truth that say all other religions are false, because they believe there is truth in everything and we should all agree together. This is why in the Tribulation Period they will kill Christians because they cause division and stand firm on the belief that there is only one truth, and everything else is a lie.

Man has made himself god fulfilling Satan's promise to Eve to become gods. Everyone has become his own god. Satan was clever, he knew that it would appeal to man's pride, which God says will go before a fall. These individuals often come up with their own twist on truth which is often crazy. One member of my Adult Sunday School Class believed he was an angel reincarnated from another life. And he would be the one to throw Satan into Hell. My brother thought he was Elijah and said that in a flue delirium that he had a vision that he would meet the Antichrist. And he would live to be 120. He died in his 90s. Another lady at my creation meeting said she heard the audible voice of God. 

When you tell them something they disagree with, and try to give your observations and experience, they do not want to hear it. It gets them agitated. When you continue, they either get mad, stop talking, or walk away. They say, that is your opinion. And when you say no it is my discoveries from research, they will not listen.

If a person were honest and truly seeks the PHYSICAL reality of TRUTH and not just belief in anything, they would want to listen to the evidence of why you disagree with them. This is an open minded person and there are very few of them, these are the only people who will be saved. A person must bcome as a child willing to listen and search the Authorized King James Bible, like the Bereans did, to see if these things are so. Satan has blinded the minds of the majority of the people to prevent them from seeing the truth in anything: religion, politics, morality, science, and all of life. They live in their own imaginary world of make believe. They don’t know how to find the truth, and they are comfortable in their beliefs, so they don’t try to learn something new.

It appears to me that most people have a few common beliefs that have come from parents, friends, school, the media, and religion and they believe whatever they were taught without searching to see if it is true. And they do not want to change. Anything different and they feel threatened that they may be wrong and will be condemned for it. They know that wrong beliefs will cause destruction and death. But they want to continue in their own chosen life style happily believing they are right eating drinking and making merry, and everyone else who disagrees is wrong. Or just their opinion, not the truth.

Romans 3:3-5 Authorized (King James) Translation (AKJT)
For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

These same people will say I prefer my bible version better, the ‘yea’, ‘mightest’, ‘thy’, ‘thou’ make it hard to understand. Poppycock, this is a lie. I read the AKJT when I was 12 and had no trouble understanding it. I made several discoveries on science from the facts given in the Bible when I was a child. The new translations not only change the right meaning, they dumb down the content. They don’t do this to Shakespeare, because it would lose its eloquence and deeper meaning. Our language is devolving and soon everyone will be illiterate. Then a new version of Genesis will say, “G begin made E and U and nit ws on HO2 and it mov’d on HO2.”  

I am different from most people. I was always a nonconformist. I research before I accept a new conclusion. If it was the style to wear a certain popular clothing or act in a certain way to become part of the IN CROWD I ignored it and did what I found to be right from the facts I have proven to be true. I liked being different, I did not follow the crowd, I always look to see if there is a different way, or facts that have been overlooked. I look for the anomalies that lead to new discoveries and I find what others are blind to. The world is complicated so most copy the beliefs of the majority of those around them. I however never believe anyone no matter who they are (and I don’t disbelieve them, I test the information, unless I know facts that prove it wrong already. This is why I never believed in evolution, global warming, over population, Kennedy assassinated by a lone shooter, UFOs are swamp gas, etc.), unless I have seen facts through research and observation that have led me to a conclusion. I collect billions of proven facts I have collected and put together like a picture puzzle one piece at a time. When a piece fits I find where it fits, when a fact does not fit I discard it knowing it is false. I never accept opinions, speculation, or theories. I accept only facts proven from more than one demonstrated fact.  This is the principle I use in my research which produced my newsletter, and two books that tell the real controversial hidden history of the universe. What I discovered is not my opinion, my conclusions are based on facts I have discovered and put together. See:  


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