Two Major Cataclysms The Flood and Peleg's Division

Ed Blunk Jeremy Auldaney : The Bible says the water Covered the Whole Earth. Scripture also says -The Windows of heaven were Opened , And the rain was upon the earth 40days and 40 nights : Genesis 7:11, 12 , 17-22 ,23 -- says the Water Covered - verse 18- And the Waters Prevailed GREATLY upon the earth ; all the High Hills that were under the whole heaven , were covered. 20 - Fifteen cubits upward did the waters Prevail ; and the Mountains were covered .. And Scripture goes on to tell us -- ALL FLESH DIED that moved upon the Earth , both of Fowl , and of Cattle , and of BEAST , and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth , AND EVERY MAN !! And verse 23- tells us - that only Noah REMAINED ALIVE , and they that were with him on the Ark.. I will agree not all the Life in the WATER DIED ; but God says ALL OTHER LIFE WAS DESTROIED .. And Noah's Flood would of CAUSED ALL THE VOLCANOS to Erupt - and Meteors could very well have fallen upon the earth during that 40 day period . And I am not say that Asteroids and Meteors did not hit the earth later on . I am saying Scripture does not SAY Another Cataclysm Like Noah's Flood hit the earth.. To say Noah's Flood did not Cover the whole Earth -- is NOT what Scripture teaches . A lot of what you are saying is Speculation on mans Part - without Scriptural Evidence .. If you would like me to read your books , then you can send them to me . Take care and God bless.
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Jeremy Auldaney I should have made it more clear, The Gate of the Sun is in ruins of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. This is a Post Flood ruin like many around the world about 300 years after the Flood in 2348 BC.
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Jeremy Auldaney No the Bible does not mention a worldwide cataclysm at this time, but the Bible does not tell us a lot of things. But it does give us clues. It says the earth was divided during the days of Peleg. This included the scattering of people from Babel, then the separation of the continents to keep them apart. This is when the ice caps formed, and mountain ranges rose during a worldwide orogeny and massive volcanic eruptions occurred. The Bible tells us of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, which was destroyed during one of these orogenic events which split the continent of Africa and followed the under ocean rifts originally caused by the Flood event around the world. This is the same fault that will split and create a huge valley when Jesus puts his foot on the Mt. of Olives when he returns. The Bible gives the lifespans of people, and at the time of the Flood lifespan dropped 1/3, then again after the Flood during the life of Peleg about 300 years later life span dropped another 1/3. This indicates something similar to the Flood but not as devastating as the Flood happened. And paleontology shows us that large mammals were deposited all over the world in what they call the Cenozoic especially in the Pleistocene. Huge grave yards of Mammoths, saber tooth cats, large Bison, etc. These fossil deposits are different from the dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are never found with them. I discovered much of this, and others have come to the same conclusions. Including Henry Morris. Read my books and you will see my documentation from history, archaeology, meteoritics, paleontology, and the Bible.
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Jeremy Auldaney Ed Blunk Yes the Flood did cover all the mountains and everything on the land died. The second cataclysm was very similar but water did not cover all the land, because the waters that covered the land came from the canopy, but most came from chambers inside the earth released by impacts. After the Flood the underground chambers had lost most of their pressure and could never cover all the land again. But the Peleg's Division asteroid shower caused huge tidal waves which left Miocene to Pleistocene fossils from Alaska to Mexico that in Tsunami deposits, volcanic eruptions, and worldwide earthquakes. I have collected fossils all over and have seen these deposits, and observed the evidence myself. These are not ocean deposits as evolutionists claim, they are jumbled about, but show evidence they were buried alive. I don't appreciate people reading false information into what I say claiming I said the Flood was only local, this is a ridiculous lie from Satan's agents among our theologians.


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