Crossbeded Sanstone was NOT formed in Desert

These same crossbeded sandstones are found worldwide as well as other strata and they are found with water created ripples proving they are not sand in the desert as evolutionists have claimed. Continents are made of lighter silicate granite rock different from heavier sea bed rock of basalt. The continents cannot remain under water being lighter than seawater. However, there is evidence of the deposition of marine fossils on all continents. These oceanic incursions are incorrectly called shallow seas. Evidence of jumbling and turbidity currents indicates they are tsunami deposits. The Greenland ice cap as well as everything else has been misdated as millions of years, while other radioactive substances have proven to be totally false. Mt Saint Helen's lava, which erupted in 1980, has been dated at millions of years old. Soft dinosaur tissue and Carbon 14 have proven these fossils are thousands of years old. Unbiased research has shown that the ice caps formed after the Flood during the time of Peleg when the earth was divided. The Piri Reis and other Maps show Antarctica without ice. Read my books and you will see the documented proof. The burial of fossils was the result of asteroid swarms on two different occasions in about 2347 BC and another about 1980 BC followed by tsunamis, worldwide earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions.

For more details and documentation from science see my books:

 Tracks of a Pterosaur in water produced ripples on crossbeded sandstone prove they were not formed in desert sand dunes but under shallow water. 

Below is Jurassic Navajo Sanstone known for its trackways of dinosaurs.


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