Bible Canopy Theory?

Jerry Faulkenbery Dr. Carl Baugh has a creation model that he came up with.
There's the Earth and floating above it,encompassing it,is an opaque shield...protecting us from direct sunlight and encapsulating the moisture and atmosphere. The Earth was,in effect,a terrarium! How cool is that?
When man fell and sinned and God wanted to destroy the Earth...He got Noah to build the Ark, put all the animals on the Ark and...sent a meteor to strike the "glass dome" over the Earth. Baugh theorizes that the dome was made of ice or a similar substance. When it was broken it fell to Earth and melted,adding to the flood!
Paul Engelke This would render the stars unseeable and the were visible.
Jerry Faulkenbery Well....I did say opaque (Jeremy: It was transparent). I believe in his model it's clear.
Charles Sutherland Sounds like the antediluvian trilogy "The Chronicles of Susah."
Jim Cox There is an old book that was written at least as far back as the 1930's to explain the biblical creation narrative. It talks about an ice canopy that once encapsulated earth. It blocked the ultraviolet rays that shorten our life. The same as is mentioned here.
Jeremy Auldaney Paul Engelke No the Radiation Shield was transparent.
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Jeremy Auldaney Read my book Part 1 for details. Carl Baugh is right. Yes the Bible, paleontology, paleoenvironmentalism, geology, and history all agree there was something surrounding the earth that was partially destroyed by carbonaceous asteroid explosions in the atmosphere and huge impacts of iron asteroids releasing jet streams of water sealed inside the earth under pressure. As well as world wide mountain building orogeny upheaval and volcanic eruptions. A remnant of the canopy as it is usually called lasted for another 350 years after the Flood in 2347 BC. Then another shower of asteroids (about 2000 BC) left a only a small portion of it which protects us today. Before the Flood science and the Bible prove it caused people and animals to live longer with greater health. It has been proven that there was a higher Oxygen content, as well as Carbon Dioxide and greater atmospheric pressure, causing plants and animals to thrive. It also protected us from heat, storms, cosmic rays, and ultraviolet radiation.
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Jeremy Auldaney Now the Institute for Creation Research and Creation Research Society have rejected the canopy theory because they could not find a materialistic explanation for maintaining a water canopy. We do not understand how God did it, but all the evidence proved it DID EXIST.
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