Geology/Paleontology Prove Evolution False

Evolutionists claim fossils have been forming for millions of years and it takes millions of years for them to fossilize. Is this true?

Today recent history is called the Late Pleistocene followed by the Holocene. The Quaternary includes the Pliocene, Pleistocene, and Holocene. The Holocene, evolutionists claim, began about 10 thousand years ago.

If evolution is a fact fossils are forming right now! Are they? Did you know that there are NO fossils forming today in the Holocene? Let alone the uncountable trillions of mega fossils found everywhere on earth in layers a mile thick formed in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic in the geologic record covering 75% of the land surface. And 90% of the ocean bottoms.

Do you see any sedimentary layers forming today?

Did you know that there is no sedimentary consolidated rock forming today in the Holocene?

Look for pictures or descriptions of fossils in the Holocene and you will find only archaeology which finds a few human cemeteries and ruins. There are a lot of unfossilized large mammal bones in the Pleistocene, which will never become fossilized by mineralization like the dinosaurs. But these are not fossils in the geological sense. And there is no evidence of petrification by silicon which is common in the geologic column in the Mesozoic.

Here are photos of fossils. Now try to find identical fossils in stratified layers in sedimentary strata today.

Evolution is a lie. These fossils in the geologic record are from two major worldwide cataclysms which occurred in about 2347 to 2348 BC and a lessor worldwide cataclysm in about 1900 BC at the time of the Younger Dryas, Tower of Babel, and Days of Peleg when the Earth was divided during an orogeny that formed the mountain ranges and major faults. Evolutionists have misidentified their actual age using Uniformitarian naturalistic speculation made famous by Lyell and Darwin. Then totally useless radioactive dating was used to fool the public with propaganda by the Illuminati to support their New World Order propaganda.

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