Bible Copied from Satan?

Montel Hill There is no such thing as Biblical Science. Certainly, archaeologists have not found one single artifact with a Biblical patriarchs name. No Jews or Hebrews existed in BCE. These are 18th Century terms.

Christianity isn't an original theology. The theology was appropriated from Ancient Kemet/Egypt. The cosmic theology of Kemet was written on hieroglyphs thousands of years before any other known theology (outside of Africa).

Christianity is a 4th Century AD religion and Jesus is based on the principle of Heru, Savior of the World. The Virgin Mary is based on the Virgin Auset (AKA Isis).

Jeremy's Answer: This is the herasy taught by Jesuits and Theistic Evolutionists. That the Bible was copied from Pagan sources associated with legends of Nimrod the first Satan possessed Antichrist after the Flood who founded Satatanism and Pagan Religion we call the occult or New Age today. This would be the equivalent of saying Satan wrote the literature which the Bible was founded. This is blasphemy.
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Jeremy Auldaney You are right Monti Hill. However, you have it backwards. Adam, Seth, to Abraham to Moses wrote from ancient writings started by Adam in about 4 thousand BC. Satan possessed Nimrod and his religion was carried on by his wife Isis who was the prototype for all goddesses. Her real name was Semiramis but when man was scattered from the ziggurat of Babel the names changed with the languages. The Epic of Gilgamesh is a legend about Nimrod. It has some of the same stories as the Bible because the legend was written about real events made into legends. The Bible was written about the same events by God through the prophets mainly Moses who had access to books written by Adam, Seth, Enoch (The Book of Enoch is a counterfeit by Gnostics the original books have been lost or are preserved somewhere like the Great Pyramid). Satan created a counterfeit religion called the Mysteries of Isis which is the origin of all religions. Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life.


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