Evolution is Satanic

I got a lot of comments on my advertisement for my books on Facebook. He supported evolution and called creation science nonsense. A few people argued with him presenting evidence for Creation and the Bible.

Note: Since I wrote this Daemon Belanger admits he is a Satanist and part of the Illuminati. 

Jeremy Auldaney Folks Daemon Belanger is a SATANIST see the idol Baphomet he uses for his Facebook image. A transgender idol of Satan worshipped by the Illuminati. The Illuminati are Satanic, Socialist, Liberal, oppose Trump, and support Muslim terrorism.  Notice his name is Daemon (Demon) Belanger (Baal's 666 Hells bell ringer).
I banned this demon possessed evolutionist and removed his comments.
This proves evolution is Satanic.

Maggie Combs The image of Baphomet was woven into a dress Mrs Obama wore to a dinner...maybe one of the Correspondents' annuals, 2016. Most regular folks wouldn't realize what it was.


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