Praise for Trump

Stewart Grant When it comes to a nation's security, Trump didn't hire some pencil pushers.. he hired the US Marines... ooorah!

Maggie Combs praise of Trump on Facebook:  If necessary, we WILL remind him. He does listen, even to a single individual. (Jeremy: See Trump Facebook.) His empathy and responsiveness to people is startling. It feels like we are living in earlier times when presidents might write a letter of sympathy to a mother whose son was killed in his war. He astounds me fairly often, noticing and responding even to small incidents, as though he had time for whatever he needs or wants to do. How long has it been since a politician did something for you unless you had bought and paid for him? This sensitivity and caring what people feel about him gets him in trouble on Twitter...I believe he wants very much for people to LIKE him even though he would not change doing what he feels is the right thing. His ego is not the kind that requires constant stroking but is wounded by being treated UNFAIRLY. Family and friends are very dear to him and he's good about doing things for others, and now I believe his "family and friends" basket has grown to include the country and all its people. As he says, he didn't need to run. He had a happy life, all the success and money and fame he could wish and doing this puts his life...and his family's lives in danger. (Jeremy: Liberals are threatening him and his family with slander and assination attempts) And, of course. they are all insulted, criticized, lied about, attacked, misunderstood, have former friends turn on them...look at how Romney and other RINOS treated him--like dirt, actually. But Trump apparently has the great blessing of forgiveness. It's a beautiful thing. His instincts and judgement are quite sound. His cabinet is looking formidable. I am convinced God has brought him to this place and I pray he will serve his country until the swamp is clear, and there's no more corruption, no more hatred and disunity, but freedom again, morality, the government our founders intended us to have. 

Jeremy: Help him enforce the Constitution. And you 'Christians' who join the Satanic led enemy to slander and run down Trump should be ashamed of yourselves. You are serving Satan. The Heratage Foundation is warning people that the Liberal Conspiracy will do everything in their power to stop Trump from destroying everything they have created to force us into a Marxist World Government under the Jewish/Roman Antichrist of the United Nations. .


  1. I believe that Trump is in a place of power and influence like Ester for such a time as this. I think he may cut the deal of his life that gets the temple built. I could be wrong but I really feel this in my spirit. We need to pray for him and Netanyahu for the Wisdom of Solomon moving forward. And that they both seek the counsel of the Lord. Also for physical protection for them both and their families. Just found this site. Like it.

  2. Thank you Gramma Lovey. I agree with you. I pray for Trump, his family, and supporters for protection. And that he will keep his promises. For the first time in American history we may have a chance to have a real leader who supports the people.


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