General George Patton's Christmas Card

General George Patton's Christmas Card.

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My brother served under Patton. He was in the lead tank in the Battle of the Bulge. Tanks blew up on each side of him. At anothetr time, he was shot at by a machine gun and played dead for hours, then jumped up and ran jumping over a fence. One bullet went through his helmet. Someone stole the helmet. 

He met two young German boys. He did not want to kill them so he did not shoot. Then they threw a granade, he ducked and was unharmed.

At night when camping out his candy bar kept disappearing. So he stayed awake and saw a snake takr the candy bar.

Waiting in a fox hole he watched a spider build a web, which failed 7 times.

He said the soldiers were sent on a suicide mimmion, to take out a machine gun on a hill. All who tried died. He and others who used their brains would head up the hill, then circle back to camp.

He was trained in the Mojave Desert near Iron Mountain. Many yeras later after his children had left home he bought land in the area where he trained. He dug out and ujndergrouind living space and slept in a hammock. He traveled from there to our home in Riverside on a bike. He loved Robinson Crusoe and wanted to be like him. He was experimenting with using nature to meet his needs. He thought that the Rapture would be in the middle of the Tribulation Period and wanted to prepare people for this. 


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