The Sainted Devil Santa

 Naomi Lewis Santa is nothing less than Satan. He just rearranged the letters in. S A T A N to S A N T A. An anagram. SUBTILE. EVERY SYMBOL OF THIS RED SUITED FIGURE IS A SYMBOL OF THE Description OF THE FALSE CHRIST. HIS BOOTS ARE BLACK, ( He walks in darkness) , He is fat with the blood of of those he conquers, (Red, though your sins be scarlet). He has white trimming, ( just enough white, or. Light. Insight to deceive those not led by the Holy Spirit.) (He lives in the North, in the air he he travels, )all written in God's description of the prince of the air.) He sets his palace in the sides of the north, the scripture says. ( elves are his helpers, in the encyclopedia, elves are classified as being demons. ) He is a lier, taking credit for things that are attributed to Christ only. ( he knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you are awake, he knows if you've been bad or good. ) no man knows everything about us. I don't care who started this myth, the Catholics (Christianized Paganism) gave credence to it by telling about a man named St. Nicholas (another word for the Devil or Nick the Sainted Devil) who did good things. Or they say, saint Christopher, did. That is where the mass thing came from the mass for saint Christ. Short for Christopher. His workshop at the North Pole (Thor came from Hades from a hole in the the North Pole in a flying chariot i.e. UFO). Again the Bible Description of the man of sin. Sets his palace in the sides of the North. Where they work their magic (obstructing Jesus). ( God does miracles, not magic )by gathering to gather for marching orders in October Halloween the hallowed day to Santa and worship of dead ancestors (impersonated by demonic spirits). Where they sacrifice babies, and Virgins, to satan to plan their evil schemes against The true children of God, for each new year. They have human sacrifices offered up to this evil spirit through abortions. Called satan, or alias Santa and his elves, demons. If you don't believe me, I ask You to pray to the Father of Truth, for the Holy Spirit to open you eyes to the real truth. There is no way I could have made this scriptural truths up. No way! So continue in your ignorance if it pleases you. It surely does not please God. He told us to dwell in the truth. I was once mixed up in all these traditions and actually enjoyed them, until I received the TRUTH, ( now they turn my stomach) then I had no choice but to abandon them if I wanted to walk in Truth. And I do want to walk in white. In the light of Christ, Not darkness., For in Christ there is no darkness, or variableness of turning from TRUTH. You decide after Ernest prayer. If these were not pagan holidays do you really think the world would be allowing this. ???They want Christ shut up and eliminated. The world has been trying to get rid of Christ from the beginning of man. Oh yes, by getting rid of the blood line. (This bloodline has been contaminated by the offspring of Fallen Angels called Nephilim. Today they are behind the Marxist New World Order. Remember Little Moses, that delivered the Hebrews. Pharaoh was a symbol of satan (Pharaoh was of the Nephilim bloodline, Moses a symbol of Christ) Santa was in the garden of God. Yes, Santa fooled Eve into believing his lie, she talked Adam into partaking of the fruit of knowledge of evil, to disobey God? Satan said, Why there is nothing evil about doing your own thing and playing like you are a little God is it? (Jeremy: Did God really say he created the world in six days six thousand years ago?) That is the new gospel which is as old as Adam and Eve. I have Actually heard TV preachers tell us that we are little gods. Well they have become rich fooling people. My how they have excessively gotten rich preaching half truths, just like Santa told Jesus, " all this I will give to you, if you will bow down and worship me," They did! (Jeremy: Just as Satan appeared to Hitler in the Habsburg museum.) Jesus was connected to The Father, he, Jesus, said, NO, Santa, I will not give up my birthright to the throne of my Father. I will not, lie, cheat people, or steal from them. No! That was a powerful emphatic No!

What are you going to do? Continue in these cunningly devised fables? Or will you seek the truth ? Look up the word fable. (Jeremy: Evolution is a fable.) Easter isn't the Resurrection of Jesus either. (Jeremy: Easter is a festival for Isis or Astarte the goddess of Babel.) But also a cunningly devised fable about the Queen of Heaven (Jeremy: Worshipped by Catholics and condemned by God in the Bible.) called by many names, ester , Isis, venus, and others. She is the Spirit of wickedness the queen of Babel, flying through the air down through time until Jesus returns. She is the Spirit of confusion (Jeremy: The UnHoly Spirit Gaia or Mother Nature of Satan's false trinity). This evil spirit will Rob you of your inheritance in Heaven. She is a part of Satan. Don't trust me, trust, The written TRUTH.. This is why confused people think they are both male and female. (Jeremy: Transvestites like the idol worshipped by the Knights Templars which are with us today worshipping Baphomet) Not truth! People please get The Truth instead of cunningly devised fables, they are lies of Satan, Santa his alias. All books entitled fables are not here true. But lies to sell and make someone rich. Remember Jesus told us you cannot love Christ and love money too. You have to choose. How hardly can. A rich man enter into the kingdom of Heaven where God abides. Nevertheless, all things are possible with God. If God favors you and you did not Rob widows or others to gain wealth, that is possible. If you use your Godly gain for His kingdom not our own selfish desires, and pleasures, then it is possible. 


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