Anti-Trump Propaganda

More slander and disinformation is being concocted by the Illuminati who oppose Trump. And a few professing ‘Christians’ are falling for it. 26, 2016 ... I don't think Trump, given his stature as a New York billionaire, is a ... war hero and famous Mason–a true Masonic icon–who single-handedly ...
They say he has made some Masonic hand signs. I know I posted articles on the few. I now believe some were coincidence. He often makes the OK sign, but I think it is just a quirk of his. So far I have not seen him put it around his eye like many Satanic Rock singers do. And the one time he made what looked like a triangle and the horned sign, but it was never put out deliberately like Obama, Bush, Mrs. Bush, Hillary who make a point of this as a hand sign many many times. No one gives any documented proof that Trump is a Mason, like you find with Bush and Skull and Bones, and other public figures. Here is some of the disinformation.

Quotes from the reference above:

“This and other circumstantial evidence makes it clear that he is a Mason.”

In the very next line they say,

“Now that we have established that he is a Mason, we need to ask “What kind is he?””

This is how Charles Darwin fooled people. In one chapter in his book he gives a lot of circumstantial evidence. Then later in another chapter states that it as a proven fact. 27, 2016 ... Why did the Indecline statue of Donald Trump wear only a Masonic ring? I wondered too, so I asked the artist who made it.

This Masonic ring is on the nude statue of Trump. This statue was made to denigrate Trump and is disrespectful. It was obviously a publicity stunt by Liberals who hate Trump.

“Why a Masonic ring on a naked Donald Trump?

“I wondered that too. So, I asked the artist behind the statue “Ginger” (aka Joshua Monroe), why. Why a naked Donald Trump wearing only a Masonic Ring?

 “It’s an interesting juxtaposition, the naked figure clad only in a Masonic square and compass ring. The Washington Post mentioned that it represented his (Trumps) access to secret or elitist power (attributing to the artist “emblematic of privilege, secret handshakes and cloistered groups of powerful people). I’m curious, as an artist, is that a real part of the philosophy you see in [Trump] or just a design element meant to connect disparate elements into a new reality? Was the inclusion of the ring just a “secret society” prop, or did you mean to link the “naked emperor” with a Masonic ring as his only garment (which itself has a strangely symbolic reverse meaning within Freemasonry)?”

The Washington Post is owned by Masons. They want to plant the idea that Trump is part of the same Liberal gang. This is a visual LIE to fool those who know the Illuminati are behind the destruction of America and the world and supported Trump. They want his halfhearted supporters to doubt Trump means what he says and that he opposes the Masons behind the Liberal Conspiracy. Like Satan said to Eve, “Did God really say thou shalt not eat of the tree?” sowing the seeds of doubt.


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