Genetics of Nephilim Elongate Skulls

Here we present the transcript of an interview conducted between April Holloway of Ancient Origins, and Brien Foerster, researcher and author, on the subject of elongated skulls in Paracas. In particular, the interview covers a recent announcement that was made in relation to genetic testing that was carried out on one of the Paracas skulls. 
Brian Foerster is a secular researcher and is looking for a naturalistic explanation. These were also researched by Joe Taylor and L.A Marzulli. The picture shown here is a cast made by paleontologist Joe Taylor who  both believe that they are the Nephilim offspring of the Fallen Angels, like I do. Some of these were Giants with six fingures, double row of teeth, and odd sutures in the skull. Brian Foerster does say the Nazca culture took over when the culture with the odd skulls disappeared. 
The Nazca culture produced the figurines of dinosaurs about 2000 years ago. And Brian says, "...The strange thing is this predominant aspect of these elongate skulls amonst the royal family is very, very odd." 
I documented this in my books that the Nephilim are still with us in linages of royal families of bluebloods, also known as the Illuminati, who claim they are the descendants of extraterrestrials and are working to bring back what the occult calls Atlantis. They want to bring back the PreFlood world government which Nimrod wanted to recreate at Babel.
I associated this culture with the Megalithic ruins. See my books. 8, 2014 ... Here we present the transcript of an interview conducted today between April Holloway of Ancient Origins, and Brien Foerster, researcher and ...


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