Trump is a Jesuit? 25, 2016 ... Donald Trump thought he was too good for Fordham University, and current students would like to forget the GOP frontrunner went there.

 Sebastian Balasov, secretary of the Fordham Republicans, said most campus conservatives would still vote for Trump in a general election even though he "doesn't really represent (Fordham's Jesuit) values." 

Despite finding his place athletically, Trump by no means thrived academically in his two years on Rose Hill, 1964-66. He went through the motions, content with the convenience of a school close to home and not at all proud to be there — ironic because Fordham was the only school to accept him.

"Since he matriculated and didn't earn his degree, most of us don't even acknowledge him being at Fordham," said sophomore Matthew Santucci, a member of the Fordham Democrats and a writer/editor for the Fordham Political Review. "He has distanced himself from Fordham, so he doesn't have a clear connection to the school. We don't even acknowledge that he went here.”

Trump's apathy towards and disinterest in the school hasn't appeared to change much since he left campus. Both his campaign and The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment, and a Fordham spokesman said it was University policy to only release directory data on alumni. He wouldn't say if Trump had made donations to the school, nor would he comment on the GOP frontrunner's hateful rhetoric as a poor reflection on the school's Jesuit ideals.


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