Proof of a Flat Earth?

The Falt Earth people are right? The geologic column proves the earth was flat. And it proves it was formed by a global flood.

Notice the sedimentary rock are laid down by water in flat layers. These flat layers are one mile thick.
 These flat layers go all the way to micro layers called varves in shale. The first picture shows an Eocene fish fossil in a typical layered shale slab. Below it is typical layered sandstone

These are dinosaur trackways. All in flat layers. The one below was tilted as the mountains rose.

Now when the flat layers are forced up during orogenous events (mountain building) as the continents were forced up and moved, sediment which has not hardened into solid rock bends producing anticlines and synclines. But the lithifying of sediment into solid rock must be rapid to preserve fossils, tracks, mud cracks, and ripples. It is similar to cement which hardens within hours or months.
Even fish are preserved in flat death layers. Fish are scavenged and decompose, and disintegrate in days today. The fossils must be covered within hours.
Here are modern Salton Sea fish. They are piles of bones which are not in layers. And they are only a few years old.
Here is strata bent while soft.

These two photos above show what happens when hardened rock layers move after they are solid rock. They crack and form faults.

Now this is how sediment forms today. The geologists say sediment forms in alluvial fans in lakes, rivers and oceans. They never turn into rock, and they form at an angle, not flat. And no one has seen sedimentary rock forming with petrified fossils today, and they do not form in layers. And they do not cover thousands of square miles like the Jurassic Morrison Formation.

Geologists show maps like this. California was under the ocean. If this happened today, would't it be catastrophic. Also they don't tell you that oceans cover basaltic ocean beds, they do not form on the lighter continental granitic rock. In the geologic record they call them incursions. The ocean invades the land only during catastrophic tsunamis.
Here is a geologic map. Most of what you see in colors separates the assumed periods of earth history into Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic. The Mesozoic is divided into Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. Some of the color represent basement granite that was upthrust from below the sedimentary layers forming mountain ranges, but these areas only cover very little continental land. Most about 90% of the colors are flat sedimentary layers that can be traced from California to New Jersey, containing the same small dinosaur tracks commonly called Grallator about the size of a chicken to a kangaroo. 
These flat strata can be traced from one continent to another around the world. Evolution has been exposed as one of the greatest hoaxes in history and is described in the plan of the Illuminati and they say that these theories known to them to be false are being used to undermine belief in the Bible so they can bring in the Antichrist without opposition.


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