Prince of this World?

Prince's Alter Ego: Channeling the spirit of Baphomet with Oprah…...

This is Prince rock star’s home where he was murdered. Notice the round part of his mansion, this is typical Knights Templar architecture. And there is a pyramid symbol of Illuminati. 

Oprah the New Age leader is a friend of 'Pastor' Joel Osteen the New Age Positive thinking Preacher think yourself to be your own god. Science fiction writers, actors, and musicians often channel Demons in their performances, similar to ouija boards and automatic writing. AC/DC sings words that have meanings when played backwards, a Satanic Miracle more complicated than simple backward masking. Baphomet was the idol Jucques de Molay founder of the Knights Templars led them in worship to in their homosexual ritual magick.

Notice the third eye symbol of the Illuminati.
 Notice the Illuminati triangle the third eye of Horus the Antichrist 666


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