The Kennedy Event Unexplained

I first became aware of conspiracies in the world when the Kennedy assassination occurred. I have said that the only thing we know for sure about this event is that what we were told is not true. 
I was suspicious of the claim that Oswald was a lone assassin. Then when Ruby walks in to the police station on television and gets a clear shot I knew it was a set up by a conspiracy. Later I learned I was right, he was a friend of the police, they all knew him. Ruby was hired to shoot or make it look like he shot Oswald. The bullet should have hit the cop behind Oswald as well. Then conveniently Ruby dies in prison a year later. Or did they change his identity? Ruby was a Mafia agent, and they work with the CIA. And both were involved with the assignation event. 
There are numerous anomalies involved. Oswald goes into a theater, no doubt to meet with his CIA/Mafia contact. And he was set up. The rifle they claimed he used was an old fashioned bolt action and could not fire rounds as fast as they were fired. And is not accurate. Oswald supposedly left cartridges and the rifle hidden behind boxes in the book depository. I believe they were planted before the assignation . A policeman (Tippet) was shot, and cartridges were found in a bush, but they didn't all match. A bullet was found on the floor next to a stretcher like it was planted. The coat they claimed was Oswald's at the Tippet shooting, was not his. A police radio broadcast warned of the assignation before it happened. A news report went out on the wire to radio stations before the assination, and when it was checked AP said there was no such report. Then the report came over the wire again saying Kennedy is in the hospital talking to his doctor. Then another report said he was dead on arrival. A bullet hit Kennedy coming from the opposite direction from Oswald throwing Kennedy backwards. Oswald was a CIA and Mafia agent. Ruby ran the Carousel Club a typical front for organized crime. Kennedy warned of a conspiracy in a speech a week before. Several false news stories went out to confuse the truth. Oswald went to Russia. Oswald went to a shooting range and fired a strange weapon, no doubt to attract attention. There were multiple reports of people impersonating Oswald. Oswald said he did not shoot Kennedy and a stress evaluater like a lie detector indicates he was telling the truth. And the same stress evaluater showed the police lied. When people tried to reopen Oswald's grave to see if he was really there, the authorities refused, then it was done by the CIA who never proved Oswald was there. Kennedy was keeping the debt down, then right after this LBJ took office the national debt skyrocketed paying for Constitutionally illegal wars for the United Nations. 
I have suspected that Kennedy and possibly Oswald were not killed. Their identities may have been changed.


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