My Age is 37.5 Million

My age is 37,054,800. I am 37.5 millions of… Don’t believe me? Well that is how many seconds have passed since I was born.
Now compare that to the evolutionists estimate of the age of the dinosaurs at 65,000,000 years or 5.69400000000000 billion hours now multiply that by 60 about 420 billion seconds. They are older than I am in seconds! At 70.5 I have lived one half second for every year since they went extinct. Now don’t you smell a rat? If it was that long ago, then how come there preserved organic remains, and how come Carbon 14 which disappears after 100 thousand years is still found in all fossils?

According to the Bible, a more accurate measure of time, the earth is 3,153,600,000 or 3.5 billion seconds old! I am almost 1% of the age of the earth at 85.106. In other words I have personally seen about 1% of the history of the earth and that would include the universe! 


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