The Rise of Antichrist

If people would read their Bible and believe God's Word they would not be fooled by the world. They would know what is going on! 
President Trump is up against the New World Order Conspiracy which started at Babel and has been led by their hybrid descendants of the bloodline of the Serpent the Nephilim, which are behind the Antichrist as a secular world ruler, New World Order; and the False Prophet, New Age Religion. 
They are conspiring to set up Antichrist as a world dictator. 
Their groups working for Satan include the Council on Foreign Relations which infiltrate and control government and the media, the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the Bilderberg group, unions, and the ACLU. 
They include Communists, Socialists, Liberals, atheists, Humanists, agnostics, and occult. 
They are the orchestrators behind hoaxes and false news including Darwinism, Global Warming or Weather Change, over population, manufactured shortages (eggs, water, gasoline, etc.), and they attack our American Constitution. 
They have infiltrated our schools, corporations, churches, museums, and seminaries. They produce heresies including Flat Earhers, ecumenicism, the unification all religions, the claiming the gods of false religions worship is/are the same Creator Christians worship, they deny the young age of the earth, they deny a worldwide flood formed the geologic record, they deny or confuse the reality of the Rapture as Mid Tribulation or Post Trib or no trib, they falsely claim the Christian Church will bring in Christ's kingdom, they claim all religions lead to Heaven, they replace Jesus as the source of Salvation with works.
My books give a detaile history of this conspiracy from secular scolars and the facts of history.


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