Truth vs the Lie

I have invited people to come to my local Creation Science group. But some say, “Take me off your list.” They don’t realize this means God will also remove their name from the Book of Life, and they will spend eternity in Hell.  The majority of people think creation science is a myth. But it is science based on truth. The world’s truth is based on lies and propaganda for political purposes. The point is do you want life or death? Do you believe in God’s Word, or do you believe in man’s word based on materialistic naturalism and man’s logic which ignores anything that is not physical. Truth and the facts of the physical and spritual universe are all based on the uncopyrighted King James Bible? Those who do not believe in creation have made man their god and God says thou shalt have no other gods before me! Darwin has become the dead god!
Notice Darwin upsidedown says Nimrod!

Will you choose right from wrong?


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