Global Weather Change Dispute

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Current photo of the sun shows largest storm on the sun this year 2017
 Here is a photo of a normal sun
Scientists have been worried that the sun could go into a nova explosion for many years instead of millions of years from now. The Bible says during the Tribulation period the sun will become intensely hot and men will curse God. And then it will be darkened. And during the Millennium during Jesus reign as world ruler there will be no need for the sun because the New Jerusalem will give light on the earth

NASA's DISCLAIMER means disinformation. This article by NASA is a report of the research they did before the new disinformation. They tell us the original report was accurate at the time, but then they imply that it is now inaccurate! How dumb do they think we are? If it was not accurate, then what they are saying now is also inaccurate. But instead of coming out and saying the original research was inaccurate they use double talk, “it is no longer being updated.” In other words they were told to replace facts with the current propaganda by the United Nations and the Liberal Conspiracy of the New World Order.
There has been a rash of false news lately. Claiming that those free enterprise scientists who are not working for the government, who say the sun is causing weather change are wrong. The establishment does admit that the sun may be part of the cause, but they want to blame it on man caused CO2 for political reasons. 

Just like there is a lot of attacks against reports of Clinton’s criminal activity. That that there is no Liberal Conspiracy undermining Making America Great Again. And that the police are evil pigs.

The Democrats and other Liberals in support of the New World Order of Antichrist are worried that people will not accept their misinformation so they have turned to a massive campaign outright lying in all the major news media controlled by their CFRs. And on the Internet from big organizations controlled by the Socialist Humanists.
I have copied NASA’s whole article because they may remove it entirely. The only reason they have left it with a warning is because they want to appear to be neutral and unbiased to the ignorant public.
They want to blame man for Global Warming. They do not want to waste a crisis to undermine our God given freedoms, so the United Nations can carbon tax nations, and destroy their fuel resources, and economies in preparation for merging them into a world government under their Marxist dictator Antichrist prophesied in the Bible. The Bible also says there will be odd weather and other catastrophic events in the last days before Jesus return.


sun at maximum cycle
Image 1

Since the late 1970s, the amount of solar radiation the sun emits, during times of quiet sunspot activity, has increased by nearly .05 percent per decade, according to a NASA funded study.
"This trend is important because, if sustained over many decades, it could cause significant climate change," said Richard Willson, a researcher affiliated with NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Columbia University's Earth Institute, New York. He is the lead author of the study recently published in Geophysical Research Letters.

Image 2

"Historical records of solar activity indicate that solar radiation has been increasing since the late 19th century. If a trend, comparable to the one found in this study, persisted throughout the 20th century, it would have provided a significant component of the global warming the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports to have occurred over the past 100 years," he said.
NASA's Earth Science Enterprise funded this research as part of its mission to understand and protect our home planet by studying the primary causes of climate variability, including trends in solar radiation that may be a factor in global climate change.

still from movie of solar minimum and maximum
Animation/Image 3
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The solar cycle occurs approximately every 11 years when the sun undergoes a period of increased magnetic and sunspot activity called the "solar maximum," followed by a quiet period called the "solar minimum."
Although the inferred increase of solar irradiance in 24 years, about 0.1 percent, is not enough to cause notable climate change, the trend would be important if maintained for a century or more. Satellite observations of total solar irradiance have obtained a long enough record (over 24 years) to begin looking for this effect.

ACRIM Composite Showing Total Solar Irradiance Trend Between Solar Minima
Image 4

Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) is the radiant energy received by the Earth from the sun, over all wavelengths, outside the atmosphere. TSI interaction with the Earth's atmosphere,oceans and landmasses is the biggest factor determining our climate. To put it into perspective, decreases in TSI of 0.2 percent occur during the weeklong passage of large sunspot groups across our side of the sun. These changes are relatively insignificant compared to the sun's total output of energy, yet equivalent to all the energy that mankind uses in a year. According to Willson, small variations, like the one found in this study, if sustained over many decades, could have significant climate effects.

Comparison Between Total Solar Irradiance Trend and Greenwich Sunspot Numbers
Image 5

In order to investigate the possibility of a solar trend, Willson needed to put together a long-term dataset of the sun's total output. Six overlapping satellite experiments have monitored TSI since late 1978. The first record came from NASA's Nimbus7 Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) experiment (1978 - 1993). Other records came from NASA's Active Cavity Radiometer Irradiance Monitors: ACRIM1 on the Solar Maximum Mission (1980 - 1989), ACRIM2 on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (1991 - 2001) and ACRIM3 on the ACRIMSAT satellite (2000 to present). Also, NASA launched its own Earth Radiation Budget Experiment on its Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS) in 1984. The European Space Agency's (ESA) SOHO/VIRGO experiment also provided an independent data set (1996 to 1998).
In this study, Willson, who is also Principal Investigator of NASA's ACRIM experiments, compiled a TSI record of over 24 years by carefully piecing together the overlapping records. In order to construct a long-term dataset, he needed to bridge a two-year gap (1989 to 1991) between ACRIM1 and ACRIM2. Both the Nimbus7/ERB and ERBS measurements overlapped the ACRIM 'gap.' Using Nimbus7/ERB results produced a 0.05 percent per decade upward trend between solar minima, while ERBS results produced no trend. Until this study, the cause of this difference, and hence the validity of the TSI trend, was uncertain. Willson has identified specific errors in the ERBS data responsible for the difference. The accurate long-term dataset, therefore, shows a significant positive trend (.05 percent per decade) in TSI between the solar minima of solar cycles 21 to 23 (1978 to present). This major finding may help climatologists to distinguish between solar and man-made influences on climate.

Scientific American supports propaganda:
Some skeptics of human-induced climate change blame global warming on natural variations in the sun’s output due to sunspots and/or solar wind. They say it’s no coincidence that an increase in sunspot activity and a run-up of global temperatures on Earth are happening concurrently, and view regulation of carbon emissions as folly with negative ramifications for our economy and tried-and-true energy infrastructure.
The Role of Sunspots and Solar Winds in Climate Change ... skeptics of human-induced climate change blame global warming on natural variations in the sun's output due to sunspots and/or solar wind. They say it's mostly man caused.

This site below is more accurate than the better known sites by the public, and agrees the sun is to blame. And that the storms on the sun are increasing.

The fact is Carbon Dioxide CO2 does cause temperatures to go up, but they level off and become stable. They do not continue to rise. And the evaporation of water is also a green house gas that increases the temperature. Why don't they tax all sources of evaporating water? And limit people and animals from breathing? Also CO2 causes plants to grow. And that paleontologists have discovered that during the time of the dinosaurs there was a lot of CO2  and a green house effect as described in the Bible before the Flood of Noah causing tropical conditions world wide. Also the continents float on water below them, and that they are lighter than the ocean and would rise. But then this would cause people to wonder how so called ocean deposits of marine organisms could be found on continents.


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