Corruption in America

The Clinton Gang. The Antichrist is alive and well.

After a UN official blew the whistle on a UN coverup of Soviet atrocities in Hungary, he was fired, persecuted, and eventually died in a suspicious “suicide.” Here is his story.
 After blowing the whistle on the UN, Paul (Povl) Bang-Jensen, a United Nations official from Denmark, warned his wife and friends to not believe it if they were told that he had “committed suicide.” He warned all his family and friends that he no desire to kill himself and that it would go against his religion. Then, he “committed suicide.” This took place more than 50 years ago.  But it is similar to other cases up to the present.
 Anders Kompass, a senior UN human rights official in Geneva learned that international peacekeeping troops on a UN mandate in the Central African Republic were systematically raping children under 10 years old. When he reported it Kompass was escorted from his office under armed guard, “investigated” for alleged violation of “protocol,” humiliated, publicly smeared, and forced out of the UN. He is one of the few to survive to tell the tale.   Bang-Jensen stood against communism and for truth. But when he refused to give his sources who witnessed atrocities he was humiliated and finally murdered.   
Most CFR controlled sources of news ignore this corruption and support the U.N.
 In order that Americans, Christians, and people of goodwill around the world may better understand that the UN has been under the control of ruthless totalitarians from the very beginning.
Our State Department has been in cahoots with the U.N. was involved in this crime. This is not the first murder with an identical  modus operandi.
The murder is described. He was found in a park after being shot in the head. He was left handed and was shot from the right.
This is the same thing that happened to Vince Foster who had a lot of incriminating documents on Hillary. He was also found in a park and was falsely claimed to be a suicide. He was found with a gun in his hand. But there was no blood on the ground. Dead bodies do not bleed. And no bullet was found. And they found the bullet was at an angle like he was lying down. And blond hairs were found. They should have tested them to see if they were colored blond like Hillary’s. Of course this would be circumstantial, but how about DNA testing?
The next day Hillary and her agents entered his private office locked the door on the Secret Service and ransacked his files.


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