False Prophets of Today

I agree with the majority of creation science, and prophecy in current events groups. Including Creation in the Twenty First Century, Creation Magazine Live (creation.com), The Institute for Creation Research, Back to Genesis, Creation Research Society, Hal Lindsey, Bible Science Association groups, etc., but some do not agree with me on a few things. They have not supported my work.
That is because they do not do research in some areas which are important. They deal with a limited number of controversial subjects, but there are some that are too controversial for them which are important to understanding the Bible and creation, but they do not want to alienate the world. These subjects include things creation science has taken from evolution without questioning them. They avoid UFOs, Nephilim, giants, falsification of micro-evolution (adaptation), and end time prophecy (except Hal Lindsey).
I had an argument with Henry Morris the III weather asteroids caused the Flood of Noah by cracking the earth open releasing the fountains of the deep. I published a paper Auldaney, J., Asteroids and their connection to the Flood; in: Proceedings of the 1992 Twin-Cities Creation Conference, Twin-Cities Creation-Science Association, Northwestern College, Roseville, MN, pp. 133–136, 1992. 
Since that time several creationists have agreed with my discovery and published papers after that date. 

This is the same thing most churches have done, they avoid the most important subjects in the Bible creation and end time prophecy. They compromise with the world so they can agree on some subjects, hoping to win them over. This is why most church denominations, if not all, agree that the earth could be millions of years old, and God could have used evolution.
And most 'Christian' organizations are promoting heresies. Some are: The church will bring in the kingdom of Christ, all religions lead to Heaven, Muslims worship the same god as we do, American Indians worship the same god, Catholics are Christians, the Rapture is mid trib post trib or no trib, no Satanic Conspiracy for a world government, ancient earth/universe, any version of the Bible is good, God has gone back on his promise to Israel for the land of Israel, Gentiles have aquired the promises to Israel, Palestine belongs to Palestinians (Philistines), speaking in tongues required for salvation, etc.  


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