Birds Evolved from Dinosaurs?

Scientific American tells us:
On November 24, 1887, naturalist/paleontologist Harry Govier Seeley stood before London’s Royal Society to make one of his most important contributions to paleontology. His paper was “On the Classification of the Fossil Animals commonly named Dinosauria” – the terrible lizards being exhumed in greater number and variety than anyone had anticipated.

Editor's Comment: The discovery of dinosaurs scientised the Pagan myths of Egypt, where it is said life evolved from seaweed in the Nile. When they found these amazing animals unlike anything living today they claimed that this showed that dinosaurs evolved into today's animals. This was based on the misconception that the differences did not represent change in the morphology, but rather, they had become extinct, while some survived. They were thinking materialistic, rather than spiritual. They made death into the creator and forgot that death is an enemy and the penalty for sin. The Bible says the things of God are spiritually understood. Creation was by God, not nature.

The Scientific American article goes on:
It was a simple and ingenious solution. The dinosaurs known at the time had the tripartite arrangements of their hip bones in one of two configurations. There were dinosaurs like Diplodocus and Ceratosaurus with a “lizard-hipped”, or saurischian, hip shapes immediately recognizable from a forward-pointing pubis bone. Other dinosaurs, such as Camptosaurus, had the pubis pointing backward to join another bone called the ischium in what Seeley called the ornithischian, or “bird-hipped” shape.

Now Seeley’s classic arrangement is in question. Earlier this year paleontologists Matthew Baron, David Norman, and Paul Barrett unveiled a new dinosaur phylogeny that offers very different view of who’s related to whom.
For the observant person this reveals the fact that all this including evolution is based on imagination, not facts.

The new classification. It shows that ALL the lines have missing links, there are no continuous chains. And they are often changed, because they are based on fiction. Missing chains of links show there is no fossil evidence for evolution

But is the new classification going to stick? Any phylogenetic tree is a hypothesis 

(Editor’s Note: Details of evolution are only accepted because it is the only way natural processes could produce the appearance of design, like the imagination in a Disney cartoon. When a character walks off a cliff without being aware of it he can continue to walk until he realizes he is walking on thin air), 

subject to testing and change with additional analysis and discovery. Other experts may disagree about the species selected for analysis or how certain skeletal characteristics are coded in the input data. (Editor’s Note: But they never question if evolution ever happened.)
All of this taxonomic wrangling is about more than names. The new tree has major implications for what paleontologists think the earliest dinosaurs were like, not to mention how each of the major subdivisions evolved. (Editor’s Note: This just so story will force other scientists to conform to this imagination i.e. consensus science, majority rule.)

There are many facts that contradict evolution theory and falsify it, but since the establishment of this God rejecting world refuse to acknowledge God they must come up with materialistic (atheistic) science fiction stories to explain the facts.
Secular Wikipedia confirms this bird/lizard hipped fact which contradicts the theory.

Maybe evolutionists are going back to believing in dragon birds! It is interesting that the rise of the Dargon/Bird the Phoenix out of the fires of Baal, is symbolic of the rise of The New World Order and the reincarnation of the Egyptian Horus the Antichrist 666.

All carnivorous dinosaurs (certain types of theropods) are saurischians, as are all of the birds and one of the two primary lineages of herbivorous dinosaurs, the sauropodomorphs.

Based on the assumption that birds evolved from small bipedal dinosaurs running through the jungle from a predator, or chasing prey their arms eventually moved from in front to the rear and scales slowly became feathers. If you try to imagine this it is hard not to start laughing uncontrollably.

Of course, when the evidence shows their assumptions could not happen they dream up another story, because there are no facts that support them. They are temporary ‘facts’ only because they cannot accept the truth that things did not evolve, they were created by intelligent designe.


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