Inland Empire Creation Science Association May 2017

The Inland Empire Creation Science Association Presents Chuck Marler
Science doesn’t say anything—only scientists do.  Science is only objective if the scientists are, and much too often they are not.

Chuck will be examining the characteristics and attributes of truth, science, philosophy, reasoning and faith as they apply to the existence of God and evolution.  Most people's beliefs about the origin of the universe and of life have been influenced by what they were taught in school (authority of teaching) and the consensus viewpoint in our culture.  This secular influence is contrary to the truth claims of the Bible and often creates a mood of quiet skepticism with our youth in the church.
Most of the time, creation scientists present evidence to convince a person that the scientific arguments for a supernatural creator makes sense based “on the facts.”  But when that same person hears a different interpretation of the same evidence from the other side, he may return to his previous worldview.  While Christians do have an overwhelming abundance of evidence to support their position, it is also important to help the person how to think rather than just what to think.   What are the philosophical assumptions being made?  Is the deductive reasoning based upon factually accurate and valid premises?  Are there logical fallacies or contradictions being used in lieu of evidence and facts?
Chuck has studied apologetics for the past 22 years and has made presentations to a variety of churches and youth groups.  Prior to retirement, as an employee relations officer, he presented evidence and made rebuttal arguments in over one hundred administrative hearings.  Chuck is an officer of the Inland Creation Science Association and has posted many of his presentations on his website:
The last Tuesday of the month At 7:00 PM at the Seventh Day Baptist Church 5901 Chicago Ave., Riverside, CA 92501. Downstairs in Room 1

May 30, 2017

Chuck Marler's video link:


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