C.S. Lewis Promoted New Age Religion

Here is what C.S. Lewis believed. It is identical to today's New Age Religion of Antichrist:

1. Evolution is a valid scientific explanation for life. 2. Adam and Eve were not literal people.3. The Old Testament is partly legendary and mythical.4. Substitutionary Atonement is not the Gospel. 5. People from other religions can be saved. 6. There is a Purgatory after death. 7. People are not thrown into a fiery, eternal hell. 8. Belief in Satan not necessary for Christian faith. 9. Used reason to dismiss biblical passages with atrocities. 10. The Bible is partly human and has errors. 11. The Bible includes contradictions. 12. Other books, in addition to the Bible can be inspired. 13. Jesus incarnate was a man, capable of error.

CS LEWIS - The most beloved heretic - The Reluctant Skeptic
Feb 10, 2014 - C.S. Lewis. That name rolls off the tongue with buttery smoothness and emanates a vivaciously ethereal theological preponderance. It makes ...


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