Hopi Legends of Babel/Egypt

I published this on AncientOrigins.net in answer to their article on The Spider Woman and Ant People who the Hopi claim built the pyramids in Egypt. Egypt was the origin of most of the world's Pagan Religion of Antichrist. 

The Hopi are an ancient people descendants of the Anasazi. These were not the first to come here, the Phoenicians were the earliest people to establish trade routes to North America about 2000 BC. 

The pyramids in Egypt were built by Egyptians, descendants of the Canaanites/Babylonians, except for the Great Pyramid which was indeed designed by God the Creator himself as a time capsule and witness as described in the Bible. It has numeric codes using sacred geometry. UFOs are often seen in these places and crop circles appear. 

God has no Nephew, he only has a son which is a physical manifestation of God's triune nature three separate individuals who are one. 

The Kachina are the Fallen Angels who produced hybrid offspring in Mesopotamia at Babel about 2000 BC. 

The Bible says not to add to or subtract from my Word, these legends are based on the Mysteries of Isis which we call New Age Religion today. Spider Woman represents Witchcraft entangling web of Satan which the Internet will become the Mark of the Beast. The legend that the world was destroyed by ice, then fire is a reverse of the truth. The world was totally destroyed by water in the Flood of 2347 BC, then another cataclysm of ice destroyed some of the world about 1990 BC during Peleg's time when the earth was divided in what we call the Cenozoic mainly the Pleistocene. During both events asteroids impacted the earth causing worldwide upheavals called orogeny or world wide earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, etc. In the future the world will be destroyed by FIRE.

The pyramids in South America are not pyramids they are ziggurats (copes of the Tower of Babel built by Nimrod the Nephilim to contact Fallen Angels) and elsewhere are on Pagan worship sites where evil spirits were worshipped. They include places like Stonehenge and other megalithic sites built by the Giants.

Evolution is mentioned which is Satan's naturalistic Genesis story replacing creation of the universe in 7 literal days 6 thousand years ago.

Tawa pictured above is the sun god of ancient Egypt also called Baal. In Egypt he was the highest god of the sun the 36th god in their zodiac which was symbolized by a magic square made from 23 the number of death which produces the number 666 of a man who is Satan's imposter the Antichrist.

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