Millions of Years to Build Mountains? had an article on the Appalachian Mountins: "The Appalachian Orogeny is one of the geological mountain building events that created the Appalachian Mountains. This orogeny occurred about 325 million years ago and was caused by Africa colliding with North America at a time when these continents did not exist in their current forms. It applied massive stress on what is today the Eastern Seaboard of North America, forming a wide and high mountain chain. The Appalachians likely once reached elevations similar to those of the Alps, Andes, and the Rocky Mountains before they were eroded down to what they are today. The Appalachian Mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world.

Age of the Mammals

About sixty-six million years ago, the Appalachian Mountains had been eroded to an almost flat plain. It was not until the region was uplifted during the Cenozoic Era (sixty-five million years ago to the present) that the distinctive topography of the Appalachian Mountains formed. Running across and through the ridge and valley region of the Appalachians is the New River which is believed to have existed before this second mountain building process began. This era is known as the ‘Age of the Mammals.’ This uplifting rejuvenated the streams, which rapidly responded by cutting downward into the ancient bedrock. Some streams flowed along weak layers that define the folds and faults created many millions of years earlier. Sinking Creek, a side stream of the New River, is an example of this process"

My answer: The orogeny of the Appalachian Plateau upthrust was part of the worldwide earth quake that uplifted many plateaus including the Colorado Plateau. Both of these have a river running through them.Many places have this anomaly including the Santa Ana River between Orange County and Riverside in California where a few rare dinosaur bones were found and I found Cretaceous ammonites and Miocene shellfish with fish and terrestrial leaves. Some of the sea life was deep water some shallow water. These deposits go from Alaska to Mexico and show evidence of sudden burial alive in a tsunami deposit.

These rivers are in oversized canyons in Appalachia and many other places are evidence of cataclysm. Rivers do not cut through higher ground. Slow moving tiny rivers do not cut large canyons no matter how many millions of years. The evidence shows that they also move giant boulders in the past in the gravel they deposited with Pleistocene mammals like mammoths. These boulders cannot be moved by small rivers. However glaciers can also depending on their location. Evidence shows these canyons were cut by huge amounts of water in the recent past and cut the canyons as they rose rapidly during the mega earthquake dated as Cenozoic in millions of years, however evidence shows this occurred in a rapid event about the time of Peleg around 1900 BC the time of Babel, when civilizations around the world were abandoned, gigantic volcanic eruptions, ice formed at the poles, and Cenozoic mammals were fossilized (no dinosaurs like those found in the earlier orogeny in 2347 BC which flooded the continents with primordial water and buried them in volcanic ash and bentonite). 

Mountains formed in the 2348 BC cataclysm rose, then were eroded to the ground. An example is the Providence Mountains in the Mojave Desert containing Cambrian trilobites, which are deep water Ediacaran fauna (marine animals) now extinct deposited in 2348 BC. (other strata contain marine Pennsylvanian and Mississippian fossils) Then these same mountains rose again about 300 years later, and were eroded by massive flooding from tidal waves and breached damns of volcanic ash during the Pluvial Period in massive rains. This cataclysm did not wipe out all life like the one in 2348 BC.

The Peleg's Division cataclysm did not erode these mountains to the ground like the previous cataclysm, but cut through them and eroded canyons in them we see in many western states creating plateaus in the flat strata. The first cataclysm in 2347 BC only produced flat strata with no canyons proving it was a rapid and continuous deposit with an occasional brief hiatus creating surfaces where fossils were deposited and or dinosaur tracks. Otherwise it was a continuous event that went ion for a few months. 

These cataclysms were triggered by massive asteroid impacts. In North America there are about a half million craters containing rare elements from meteorites. 

For more details and documentation from secular sources (Geologic Survey, Scientience technical papers, etc see my books Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1 & Part 2.


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