Fossil Miocene Whales are Post Flood

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Whale fossils have been found all over the world including the United States. But did you know that some of the largest whale fossil beds have been found in deserts and mountain tops?
Clearly, a catastrophe must have happened like a massive watery catastrophe called the Flood of Noah. 
In the Egyptian desert, there is a place called Wadi Al-Hitan or Valley of the Whales where they have found hundreds of fossilized whales. Also found with the foss...
Jeremy Auldaney These Pliocene/Miocene marine fossils are Post Flood during the time of Peleg and Babel about 300 years after the Flood about 1980 BC when the earth was divided. The Bible shows there were two periods when cataclysms occurred. There are no dinosaurs with Cenozoic fossils and they are not fossilized like dinosaurs they are on the surface over the Flood strata. See documentation in my book Mysteries of History Revealed Part 1. There were lakes trapped behind by volcanic ash, when the Flood receded which had lots of marine mammals, fish, seashells. Like the Green River Formation Eocene fish (Peleg), over the Jurassic (Flood) Dinosaur Monument Morrison Formation in Utah. Above the Miocene there is a thin layer of (resembling modern animals but larger) terrestrial Pleistocene mammals. These are identified as Miocene marine, then Pleistocene terrestrial. But they are actually the same deposit misidentified by evolutionists as 30 million years apart. Many creationists have gotten this information wrong, along with the evolutionists who are even more wrong. I have made special research into this discovery. These Cenozoic fossils are not from Noah's Flood. Most are terrestrial like the Oligocene in South Dakota. They were formed during the time of Peleg and the division of the continents and formation of the frozen poles during the ice age, and the Pluvial Period (torrential rains) occurred. I am not saying you are wrong, this involves new discoveries. Henry Morris agreed with my conclusions. As creationist we need to change our theories when new discoveries are made.
Jeremy Auldaney As for the fossil whales in California, they are found all along the coast from Alaska to Mexico in deposits that resemble tsunami deposits. Including Shark Tooth Hill in Bakersfield. The ocean water covered Orange County and Los Angeles, and up into the Mojave Desert near Calico Early man Site at dry Lake Manix, which is identical to the sites Louis Leakey found in Africa, except no chimpanzee fossils were found. These are all Post Flood!


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