Trump Comments to Billy Bush

This is interesting. During my research for my books Mysteries of History Revealed Part 2. I showed that all our Presidents and prominent and famous people are closely related to each other and to the Royalty of Europe. These are identified as the Illuminati, which are behind the move to create Antichrist's New World Order and New Age Religion of the False Prophet and are trying to bring back the civilization of Babel and its pre flood counterpart referred to by the occult as Atlantis. And that these blue blood lineages mainly Merovingians, are descendants of bloodlines from the Nephilim, which God tried to wipe out and keep the royal lineage of Adam to Jesus pure from contamination by these bloodlines. And the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion say they select who runs for President in the United States!

Billy Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Hall Bush was born in Manhattan, New York City, the son of Josephine (née Bradley) and Jonathan Bush, whose older brother George H. W. Bush was the 41st President of the United States. George W. Bush and Jeb Bush are his cousins.

The Donald and Hillary are 19th cousins, according to genealogy experts.
According to a report in Extra TV, genealogy experts say Donald Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton — the front-runners for the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination — share a common ancestor from England 18 generations ago. (Jeremy: A Bush family leader was involved in a Jesuit led conspiracy known as the Gunpowder Plot to kill the Merovingian Protestant king who opposed them. They changed their name to hide this fact when they came to America.)

Citing’s genealogy site, the common ancestors are John of Gaunt, the duke of Lancaster, and third wife Katherine Swynford at the end of the 14th century — a century before Columbus sailed the ocean blue (Jeremy: To claim America for the Vatican).
One of their children was Joan Beaufort, whose descendants include Mrs. Clinton. Her brother John Beaufort is an ancestor of Mr. Trump. Their descendants included several kings of England and centuries of Scottish kings (Jeremy: Which is where the Knights Templars fled when they were raided by Philip IV in 1307 AD for worshipping the Templar idol Baphomet a transgender god. And there they created the Illuminati that returned to France and placed a Merovingian king on the throne again removed by Philip centuries before).
“Their (Hillary and Trump's) 19th great grandfather is King Edward III [John’s Beaufort's father] so there is precedent for ruling a country, it’s in their genes,” (Jeremy: Right, they claim they are related to gods from space i.e. Nephilim) A.J. Jacobs, who teamed up with and studied the research done by Geni, told Extra TV.

Jeremy: You will have to determine if we have a choice, or we are being manipulated by the Illuminati. The Illuminati in their plan The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion state that they select candidates which have committed some crime or immoral act that can be used against them if they get out of control. That tape of Trumpo and his cousin Billy the Kid Bush was no doubt deliberately set up to trap Trump. No we cannot condone what he said, but we must consider that he appears to be a threat to the Bilderbergers choice for American Dictator Hitlery who made a deal to allow Obama to win then gave her the Secretary of State Position, promising that she would become Presidenterus with Bill (Both are members of Communist organizations with Obama and are disciples of Saul Alinsky) in the next election to keep up the momentum for Satan's Marxist New World Order.


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