The First Presidential Debate

During the first Presidential debate the media, which are controlled by the CFRs (Illuminati propaganda agents), said Hillary gave a better presentation. However, I know by watching it, Trump won the debate. Everywhere in the Internet the people said Trump won. Yes Hillary with her smug smile ridiculed Trump. Trump was honest and believable, while Hillary came off as a clever politician and deceiver with her incomplete facts, and smug grins and laughs at the truth Trump was presenting.

I have one objection to Trump’s performance, he did not go far enough and did not reveal Hillary’s criminal actions.
When Hillary said Trump was a friend of Russian President Putin, he should have pointed out that Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation is a front to hide donations from corporations, nations, and people for criminal purposes. And she was receiving huge fees for speaking engagements laundered from powerful Illuminati for favors i.e. corny capitalism/bribes. The main one at this time was money from Putin to sell uranium to Russia so they can use it, and sell it to other rogue nations like Iran and China to make bombs. Russia is in need of money and has lots of weapons, so they sell weapons to Arab nations, and China. This uranium deal included 50% of America’s uranium. And she was receiving huge fees for speaking engagements laundered from powerful Illuminati.

Trump should have pointed out that the Clintons were drug, and gun smugglers in Arkansas for the Mafia (And still are using nose cones of airplanes to hide them), which put AK 47s into the hands of street gangs. Then there is the Fast and Furious operation that armed Mexican drug gangs.

When Hillary accused Trump of not paying workers, he should have said that he paid them, but he refused to pay workers seeking to overcharge, or doing shoddy work like many government workers, and there are always people who are not satisfied with their pay.

When Hillary said Trump was sued by the Department of Justice, he should have said that the Washington Post reported that (A Liberal paper) the DOJj; filed to sue Hillary, then FBI FBI Director James Comey gave Hillary Clinton protection from indictment by recommending to the Department of Justice that she not be prosecuted for her and her staff’s “extremely careless” ( i.e. deliberate criminal) handling of emails on private servers that included documents classified as “top secret,” “secret” and “confidential.”

Clinton, Obama, etc. have been sued many times by Land Access Association, Association Center for Law and Justice, and others over unconstitutional acts and won. But this is not reported in the CFR controlled media.
The Department of Justice sued many corporations, including Trump, but that does not prove they were guilty.
When Hillary accused Trump of hiding his tax records, for some mysterious reason, he should have pointed out that uncompleted tax information may not be complete and misleading, until the audit is finished. He did say it would reveal nothing (just like the Clinton’s records) and that the Clinton Foundation records were not reported in a timely manner to prevent their disclosure during her run for President. According to Reuters, “for three years in a row beginning in 2010, the Clinton Foundation reported to the IRS that it received zero in funds from foreign and U.S. governments, a dramatic fall-off from the tens of millions of dollars in foreign government contributions reported in preceding years.”
When the subject of Deleted e-mails came up, Trump should have pointed out that these were deleted because they contained evidence of treason against the United States and covered criminal acts by the Clinton Foundation. And the reason she chose to use a private server was not a mistake, but was for the purpose of keeping her criminal conspiracy from any investigation. And that when Bill ran for office they had Hillary’s thesis at her university withheld from public view till after the election. Her thesis was in support of the Communist Saul Alinsky who wrote the socialist plan the Clintons and Obama (And most Liberals) are implementing. And that the filings of their foundation with the IRS were inaccurate, hiding the fact that there were secret donations from corporations and countries.
When Hillary said she was helping the lower classes to get out of poverty, Trump should have pointed out that Hillary represents socialism which leads to a totalitarian state and mega debt to bankruptcy, where the government takes away all freedoms and God given rights, while he represents the free enterprise system which made America great based on God given freedoms and rights of the people. The free enterprise system has checks and balances which keep prices down, the government socialism creates lazy people who want to live off the government causing recession and inflation and inflated prices and the invasion of millions of illegal aliens.
When she said she wanted raise taxes (on the rich of course appealing to people’s greed) to spend more money helping other countries and the poor, he should have said raising taxes is socialism and always leads to worse conditions loss of jobs, inflation, more taxes on everyone. It leads to more government control, and destruction of production, destroying the economy.

Lower taxes always leaves more money for increased production, growth, and profit for both the rich and the poor. Taxes and a plethora of regulations discourage business.

When she said she wanted to increase the minimum wage to help young, and low paid workers, Trump should have said that this causes businesses to lay off unskilled workers and decrease employment opportunities for new workers. And the only ones who benefit are those working for the government which takes taxpayers money. In other words is supports socialism and destroys the free enterprise system.
When she said she wanted more green energy, Trump should have pointed out that wind and solar energy was being financed by government which causes more debt and inflation. And most of these green companies have gone out of business, while the managers and CEOs walk away with millions of dollars to retire on. And those that don’t continue to get more bailout money from the government and causing inflation and increased debt. And these companies give donations to the Clinton Foundation for these favors.
When Hillary ridiculed Trump for hounding Obama for his birth certificate, he should have pointed out that the Constitution (which the Liberals ignore) says a person running for higher office must be a natural born citizen. But Obama stalled and refused to produce one, then after being pressed by Trump and others, reluctantly presented a belated birth certificate. Why did Obama suppress this information? He was hiding something. Is this birth certificate a forgery?
When Hillary extolled the virtues of her trade deals, he should have pointed out that they are more about giving our sovereignty and freedoms over to a Communist founded and controlled United Nations. And when she raved about how great the treaties after she read them, Trump should have pointed out that no one but her and Obama have been allowed to see them. The public, Senators, and Congressmen have not been allowed to see them until after they are in force. And the few allowed to see them before are not allowed to make copies of them or report what they have seen. These and other documents including the Unaffordable Careless Act was thousands of pages which were revealed just before they were signed giving Congressman and Senators no time to read it. A document with gobbledygook that would be impossible to read or understood even if time were allowed. These facts prove these document are dangerous and would not be signed except under force or bribery.

Trump should have said all of these things Hillary and the Liberals have done is illegal under the Constitution!

Is Trump holding back because he has been threatened by the Clinton Gang?


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