Einstein Was Wrong?

This is interesting. I have thought that quantum mechanics and relativity produced by Albert Einstein were as Darwin's evolution. The other day I was thinking about the vacuum of space and I realized that in cannot be a vacuum containing nothing otherwise space would not exist. Space is a physical object like everything else, so it must contain something. Also it would explain how light can travel through it. It has been a mystery that sound cannot travel through a vacuum, but light can. Nothing can travel through nothing.

Arend Lammertink <lamare@gmail.com>
To dissidents@tuks.nl Oct 14 at 9:33 AM
Dear fellow dissident scientist,

I have spent a lot of time analyzing the history of Maxwell's
equations and how those led to Relativity as well as Quantum Field
Theory. Based on that analysis, I found an astonishing inconsistency
in Maxwell's equations, which led to an incomplete model for

For instance, Maxwell's equations predict only one type of
electromagnetic waves to exist, namely transverse waves, while in
actual fact at least two types of waves are known to exist, namely the
"near" and "far" fields:


By correcting this inconsistency, we can come to a Unified model in an
elegant, consistent and natural way. Please find my abstract below.

You can read the full article at my personal website:


I hope you are able and willing to consider my proposal and let me
know what you think about it. To me, it contains the answer I believe
science has been looking for, but of course you may differ in opinion.

Kindest regards,

Arend Lammertink, MScEE,
Goor, The Netherlands.

P.S. I found your email address at:



In a previous article, we stated that all currently known areas of
Physics' theories converge naturally into one Unified Theory of
Everything once we make one fundamental change to Maxwell's aether
model. In that article, we explored the history of Maxwell's equations
and considered a number of reasons for the need to revise Maxwell's
equations. In this article, we will make the mathematical case that
there is a hole in Maxwell's equations which should not be there,
given that we started with the same basic hypothesis as Maxwell did:

A physical, fluid-like medium called "aether" exists.

Maxwell did not explicitly use this underlying hypothesis, but
abstracted it away. This leads to a mathematically inconsistent model
wherein, for example, units of measurements do not match in his
definition for the electric potential field. By correcting this
obvious flaw in the model and extending it with a definition for the
gravity field, we obtain a simple, elegant, complete and
mathematically consistent "theory of everything" without "gauge
freedom", the fundamental theoretical basis for Quantum Weirdness
which we must therefore reject.



By working out standard textbook fluid dynamic vector theory for an
ideal, compressible, non-viscous Newtonian fluid, we have established
that Maxwell's equations are mathematically inconsistent, given that
these are supposed to describe the electromagnetic field from the
aether hypothesis. Since our effort is a direct extension of Paul
Stowe and Barry Mingst' aether model, we have come to a complete
mathematically consistent "field theory of everything". And we found
"Maxwell's hole" to be the original flaw in the standard model that
led to both relativity and Quantum Mechanics, which should thus both
be rejected.


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