Geologic Column from Young Earth Viewpoint

Jeremy Auldaney These Pliocene/Miocene marine fossils are post Flood during the time of Peleg and Babel about 300 years after the Flood about 1980 BC when the earth was divided. The Bible shows there were two periods when cataclysms occurred. There are no dinosaurs wi...See More
Jeremy Auldaney As for the fossil whales in California, they are found all along the coast from Alaska to Mexico in deposits that resemble tsunami deposits. Including Shark Tooth Hill in Bakersfield. The ocean water covered Orange County and Los Angeles, and up into t...See More
Luke Lefebvre I added your statement to my yellow post and I wanted to thank you
Jeremy Auldaney You are welcome. I use some of your material also.
Luke Lefebvre Jeremy I'd like to hear what you have to say about those whales I really would. I noticed you use the different geological time periods. Are you young earth creationism
Jeremy Auldaney I used to believe that the Flood/PostFlood boundary was at the Middle Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary. I proved that the Pleistocene is definately Post Flood in my research on the Tar Pit paper, which John Morris agreed with in an article he wrote. This was not part of that paper, but I believed that the Miocene is misdated and is actually part of the Pleistocene. I still believe that from what I discovered in my tar pit research and experience at many sites in the California coast. I believed that the major boundary was the end of the Mesozoic at the Cretaceous KT layer, and that evolutionists had misidentified the early Cenozoic. But I was puzzled by things that did not fit, no dinosaurs for one and a different type of material at these Cenozoic sites. Then there was also a lot of evidence that this was a massive water cataclysm very similar to the Flood in the Oligocene Brule Formation in Wyoming. But last years research for my book I discovered a lot of evidence that showed that the whole Cenozoic is Post-Flood and all the evidence that confused me like the Oligocene were all part of it even though they had anomalies that did not fit other deposits in paleontology and geology. I explain that the Oligocene is actually terrestrial flooding as opposed to marine flooding, but both involved massive volcanic ash. But the ash was different from dinosaur sites like the Morrison. Also the Oligocene has giant rhinos the size of dinosaurs, which are found in only a few places unlike the worldwide Mesozoic and Paleozoic.


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